The Best Electronic Dog Doors of 2022

If you are tired of running to the door every time you hear your dog scratching on it or barking in front of it, an automatic dog door is something that will make your life much easier.

With a good quality automatic dog door like our top pick for 2022 – the High Tech Pet Products PX-1, you won’t need to worry about scheduling your day in accordance with your dog’s nature calls, and you can rest assured that the pet door will not let any intruders – humans or animals in the house too.

Read on to learn more about our top picks for automatic dog doors for 2022 so that you can find the perfect one to suit your needs and your dog.

Best overall

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor, Automatic Dog and Cat Door, Collar Activated with SmartKey

This Smart automatic dog door by PetSafe will allow you to give your dog or other pet a key to your home, so it can enter or exit whenever it wants, without the risk of wild or stray animals or human intruders entering.

It works via radio frequency technology. The special collar has a unique SmartKey, which the SmartDoor detects, and once it is recognized, the pet door will flap open. Once the pet has passed through it safely, the door will close and lock itself automatically.

The door will work for up to five pets with 5 different SmartKeys, and you can also completely lock or completely unlock it whenever you want to. The 3 locking modes include auto, locked, or open.

The automatic dog door can be programmed very easily with a single push of a button. It is powered by 4 D-cell batteries for opening and closing the door.

The pet door is energy efficient and provides insulation from the cold or heat and UV protection.

The size of the smaller-sized SmartDoor is 9 x 15 5/8 inches, and it has a 5 ½ x 7 7/8 inches flap and is suitable for dogs and other pets up to 15 lbs.

The larger option has an outer frame sized 16 1/8 x 23 5/8 inches and a flap opening of 11 x 16 inches and is suitable for dogs up to 100 lbs.

It can be mounted on doors that are 1 1/2 -2 inches thick.

The smart automatic dog door is reasonably priced and has a 1-year limited warranty.

The runner-up

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect with Hub Bundle

The SureFlap automatic dog door is a smart pet door that can be controlled via the dog’s microchip or the smartphone Sure Petcare app.

If the door senses another animal without a microchip or one which is not recognized, it will switch to “intruder mode” and lock it down until the unknown animal leaves the premises.

You can remotely lock or unlock the dog door whenever you want, as well as keep an eye on your pet’s activity via the app.

You can easily pick among the options to keep the pets in, keep the pets out, or lock the dog door from both sides.

You will get real-time alerts when the pet has entered your home, even when you are out.

The door opening is 6.75 inches in width and 7 inches in height, so it is suitable for small dogs or cats.

The smart automatic dog door will scan the animal’s microchip before entry, but will not scan it when it decides to leave the house.

The door comes with a hub that allows for it to connect to the home wireless network, thus controlling it remotely and updating the software when new firmware is available for the smart dog door.

Top budget-friendly option

OWNPETS Pet Screen Door, Magnetic Flap Screen Automatic Lockable Black Door for Small Dog and Cat Gate 11.31″ x 9.36″

This budget-friendly automatic dog door is available in smaller and a larger sizes. The small size is 11.4 x 9.4 x 0.4 inches, has a flap opening of 8.25 x 10.4 inches, and is perfect for small-sized dogs and cats. The larger version is 16.54 x 14.57 x 0.4 inches and will work for medium-sized dogs as well.

The door has magnetic flap closures, keeping it closed once the dog leaves or enters the house.

It can be installed on all screen doors, including sliding ones, glass door windows, on-screen panels, patios, and others. Its installation is easy and requires screwing several screws following the instructions provided.

The door is made of sturdy ABS, which will withstand a lot of wear and tear and harsh weather conditions.

So, if you need a dog door for a screened door that automatically closes after the dog has used it, this affordable one by OwnPets is the perfect option for you.

The rest of our top picks for the leading automatic dog doors for 2022

High Tech Pet Products PX-2 Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door

This is the larger version of our overall favorite automatic dog door for 2022. It is the perfect smart door for medium-sized and large dogs up to 100 lbs. The dimensions of the door are 16 (W) x 40 5/8 (H) inches, and the actual pet opening is 12 ¼ (W) x 16 (H) inches. The depth of the door is 2 inches.

As with the PX-1, this smart pet door will detect when the pet is approaching and will swiftly and quietly open upwards, so even timid pets that get scared from loud sounds or do not like flip-through doors will not have a problem getting in and out of the house.

The door is sold with a High Tech Pet Microsonic Collar with a microchip.

You can set the door to 4 different modes: in-only, out-only, completely locked, or fully open.

This is a sturdy, theft, and kick-proof door made of durable, bullet-proof resin.

You can adjust the detection range from inside and outside so that the door does not open automatically when the dog is simply passing by or lying by the door.

The automatic pet door is windproof, airtight, and weatherproof.

This is a superb quality, safe, smart automatic dog door that will let you rest assured that your pet has the access you want and that your house will be safe from stray animals or intruders.

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Cat Mate Large Cat Door White

This cat door is suitable for small-sized dogs like Yorkies, dachshunds, and other small or toy-sized breeds with a shoulder height of up to 13 inches.

The door closes with a large transparent flap with a liner. It allows for 4 way locking to in only, open, out only, or completely locked. Many small pets prefer using transparent flaps, so this door will make them more comfortable.

The door opens silently, so neither the pet nor the owners will be disturbed when it is in use.

The door size is 8 ¼ x 9 inches, and the overall size is 9 ¼ x 10 inches.

The door has a brush strip that keeps it well insulated in the hot and cold seasons. It also has a rainproof seal on the frame and magnetic closure and is draft and weatherproof.

The automatic dog door can be installed on either a door or a wall.

Dog Mate Medium Dog Door White

This is the larger version of the Cat Mate door. It is suitable for medium-sized dogs with a shoulder height of up to 18 inches like spaniels, poodles, terriers, beagles, and other mid-sized dogs.

The automatic dog door has robust locking panels and is weather and draft proof thanks to the brush-sealed flap door. It is made of hard plastic, which is easy to clean. Thanks to the quiet opening and closing, neither you nor your pet will be worried by the sound of the door.

It closes automatically via the magnetic strip.

The size of the whole door with the frame is 10 x 12 inches, and the entrance is 9 x 10 inches.

Once again, you can set the door to open, locked, entry only, or exit only.

It has a thickness allowing for installing the Dog Mate Medium on walls or doors, which are up to 2 inches thick.

This affordable automatic dog door is the perfect solution for owners of mid-sized dogs and other pets.

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PetSafe Panel Pet Door Insert

This sturdy pet door insert by PetSafe is one of the greatest solutions for paneled doors, as it doesn’t require professional installation and will give your front or back door a finished look.

The do door has a raised and molded frame which can be painted in any color to match the color of your door.

It has internal ribs that add to its robustness and will ensure that the door will continue working for long even with a lot of entering and exiting.

It is sealed with a Butyl sealant and thus is waterproof and will keep the core of the door safe from water damage.

The Panel pet door has a two-flap system that will provide excellent insulation, and with the help of the snap-on closing panel, you can further weatherproof it or lock it so that your pet cannot use it.

The door insert can easily be installed on panel doors that are 32, 34, or 36 inches and with a thickness of 1 ¾ inch. All of the tools and instructions for the mounting come in the package.

The flap opening is 10 1/8 x 16 ¾ inches.

A door insert is a superb option for dogs that weigh up to 100 lbs. and can be adjusted in height for shorter pets (8 inches) or taller ones (10 inches).

Plexidor Large Wall Mount PDE Electronic Pet Door in White

This electronic pet door is the perfect option for large-sized dogs of up to 125 lbs. It is both pet and child safe and will not accidentally close and injure a child or animal.

The door can be mounted on walls of all types and has composite panels that will automatically slide up and down. It is fitted with high-tech RFID sensors that will read and open and close only for the pre-programmed code on the dog collar.

The automatic dog door comes with a waterproof collar key, which ensures automatic access for the pet. It will open once the pet approaches the door and will close automatically after it has passed through. The collar key weighs just 0.4 oz. and can easily snap on your dog’s collar.

You can adjust the time when the door stays open after use.

You can hardwire the door or simply plug it into a wall power outlet.

The wall unit can be installed on all types of walls up to 12 inches thick and has an aluminum tunnel that connects the indoor and outdoor frames.

It is made in the USA and is sold with a 5-year limited warranty.

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High Tech Pet Products PX-1 Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door

With this automatic dog door, you no longer need to worry about human or stray animal intruders in your home. It is a high-tech pet door that will open only when the sensor recognizes the chip in the included High Tech Pet Microsonic collar of your pet.

Once the smart automatic dog door detects that your dog is approaching it, it will quietly and quickly open upwards, which is perfect for nervous pups who are hesitant about pushing through doors.

The top-of-the-line automatic dog door design is kick-proof, so you needn’t worry about somebody trying to break in through it forcefully. Thanks to the fact that it is made of bullet-proof resin and its extra deadbolt locking system, you can feel safe in your home and your belongings even when you are out.

The PX-1 allows for 4 different levels of control, including entry only, exit only, full access, or fully locked.

You can adjust the motion detection setting and distance from both the inside and the outside to prevent accidental opening and closing. Also, a safety sensor will prevent accidental trapping or injuring of the pet as it passes through.

The size of this state-of-the-art door is 29 x 12 x 2.8 inches, but it is also available in a larger version (the PX-2) of 41 x 16 x 2.8 inches.

Overall, we are certain this is the best automatic dog door on the market right now.

Final Words


An automatic dog door can resolve all safety issues you have with a traditional pet door, including entry of wild or stray animals and intrusions by thieves.

Also, it will allow your dog to leave and enter the house without you having to get up to open and close the door every time.

With a good quality automatic dog door you can rest assured that your pet has the access you want it to have, but without the danger of other pets or people entering.

Some of the dog doors on our list are smart and will even notify you when your dog has entered or left the house, and can be controlled, opened, and closed remotely.

With most of these doors, you can control the access, lock, or open it completely, depending on your preferences.

Plus, a good automatic dog door will close itself automatically after use as well, which means that you will limit the influx of heat or cold from outside and thus save energy and keep your home well insulated, or better insulated than having to open and close the door continuously to let the dog in and out.

With an automatic pet door, your life will become much easier, and you and your dog will be happy with the versatile features of most of these doors.

Enjoy your new purchase! We know that your dog will appreciate it very much too!

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