20 Best Cat Foods In 2022 – The Complete Guide

All cat owners know that every cat is different, so it is very difficult to find the right cat food which fits all tastes and needs.

We have carefully reviewed various types of different cat foods for you and have come up with our list of the favorite cat foods for 2022, including dry and wet foods, as well as specialized foods for kittens and for cats with various health or weight problems.

Read on to find out more about our top-ranked cat foods for 2022.

Best dry cat foods for 2022

Rachael Ray Nutrish Inner Health Natural Dry Cat Food, Turkey with Chickpeas & Salmon Recipe, 3 Lbs.

If you want to ensure that your favorite cat is getting the top quality food at the best price possible, you can’t go wrong with the Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Food.

The excellent quality dry cat food comes in different varieties to suit all tastes – even those of the most pretentious animals. You can get it in Turkey with Chickpeas and Salmon, chicken with Lentils and Salmon, or Chicken with Chickpeas with Salmon for longevity. All number one ingredients are farm-raised birds from the US, with no added by-product meals.

The food is sold in 3 different sizes: 3 lbs., 6 lbs., and 14 lbs.

This reasonably priced dry food for cats contains healthy probiotics to keep the digestive system of your cat healthy and properly functioning at all times. The real superfoods used for the making of this food also have prebiotics, which too help keep your cat’s digestive system well.

It has added dry berries in the mix, which are rich in antioxidants and will protect your cat from various health problems and help keep it healthy overall.

The dry cat food by Rachael Ray doesn’t include soy, wheat, or corn, neither does it have any artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, or poultry by-product meals. It does have added vitamins and minerals, which will provide your kitty with all of the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy, energetic, and happy.

Orijen Dry Cat Food, Cat & Kitten, Biologically Appropriate & Grain Free

Orijen guarantees that its cat food is biologically appropriate and that it is made in the USA. This healthy and tasty dry food is suitable for cats of all ages – from kittens to seniors.

It is made of free-range chicken and turkey, cage-free eggs, and wild-caught fish, which, mixed together with 15% vegetables, create the perfect premium meal for even the most pretentious feline.

This top-quality cat food is sold in packages of 4lbs., 12lbs. and 12oz.

The dry cat food by Orijen has 40% proteins and 19% carbs, and 0% grains.

Thanks to the added real meat, animal organs and bones, and cartilages, this food are everything your cat will ever need to eat to live a healthy and happy life and to keep it in perfect shape at all times.

Fromm FourStar Cat Food Gamebird

This dry cat food by Fromm is completely grain-free and is made of duck, quail, turkey, and pheasant. Apart from the pure proteins, it also contains an assortment of healthy veggies and fruits, including sweet potatoes,  with added delicious Wisconsin cheese, so your cat can get a perfectly balanced nutritional meal every time. The size of the package is 5 lbs.

The manufacturer ensures the top quality of each and every package of the Four Star Nutritionals Game Bird Recipe Cat Food by preparing small batches that ensure consistency, quality control as well as a superior taste of the food at all times.

This top-quality dry cat food is suitable for all types of cats and for felines of all ages.

For the best results and a perfectly balanced diet for your cat, you can combine this food with the other Four Stars products offered by Fromm.

By feeding your cat with this excellent dry food, you will help eliminate the risk of food allergies often caused by grains. The food also helps protect the health of the cats’ eyes and hearts thanks to the included Taurine. The added Chicory root in the cat food also decreases the risk of work.

All of the products from this series are made in the USA.

Purina Fancy Feast Adult Dry Cat Food

Why not give your beloved cat a Fancy Feast that it deserves? Purina’s Fancy Food dry food is an excellent option for any adult healthy cat.

This excellent quality dry cat food is available in variable flavors, including chicken and Turkey, Filet Mignon, Seafood and Shrimp, Ocean Fish, Salmon, and Garden Greens, as well as in a variety of mixed bundles for testing to find out which flavor is your feline’s favorite.

The food is sold in quantities starting from 16oz. up to 12 lbs.

All of the flavors are produced with real proteins and have added vitamins and minerals to ensure that your cat is healthy and happy.

The food is shaped in an especially enchanting shape, which your kitty will simply love.

With gourmet dry cat food like this, your cat will never ignore its meal again, and in fact, you will find that it will be running over at full speed every time you fill its bowl with these tasty and nutritious crunchy bites.

Best wet cat food for 2022

Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry & Beef Feast Variety Pack Canned Cat Food

If you want the best-wet cat food for your precious fur baby, you should try out the Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry and Beef collection pack.

This top-quality canned food for cats comes in combo boxes, so you can offer your kitty a different meal every time. It includes Turkey fest in roasted turkey gravy, chicken feast in grilled chicken gravy, and Beef feast in roasted beef gravy flavors.

Each can is 3oz. and is perfectly portioned, so you won’t have to worry about the wet cat food staying open in the fridge or spoiling overnight ever again.

You can buy this premium quality wet cat food in cases of 24 or 30 cans.

The food has small delicious bites of slow-cooked meat in thick and tasty gourmet gravy, which will make your cat lick up every single bit of food from its dish every time.

Each can of food has a minimum of 9% of crude protein, 2% fat, 1.5% fiber, 0.05% taurine, and 3% ash. The calories per can are 66-67 kcal.

This restaurant-quality cat food also includes a variety of essential vitamins and minerals to ensure that your cat is getting all of the nutrition it needs to be strong, healthy, and satisfied.

With a variety pack like this, your cat will be intrigued by its food every time you open a new can and will definitely thank you for the delicious meals you are offering it.

Fancy Feast Classic Seafood Feast Variety Pack Canned Cat Food

If you want to feed your cat a Fancy Feast meal, but it prefers pate, then you should definitely opt for the Fancy Fest Seafood classic pate collection. It comes in 3 oz. cans and in packs of 12, 24, and 30 cans.

Thanks to the mixed variety, your kitty will never get bored with its food.

Each case contains 3 superb flavors including Cod, sole, and shrimp, Savory Salmon, and Ocean whitefish and tuna. All of them are in the form of rich and smooth pate, so your cat will enjoy every single tasty lick or bite every time.

The food is made by Purina and also includes vitamins and minerals to ensure that each meal is 100% balanced and healthy.

It is grain-free and can be served separately or along with dry food if you want to add a bit of moisture to your feline’s diet.

So, if you want to give your furry friend a real treat, buy a combo pack of these premium pates, and you can be pretty sure that your cat will love you even more after it tastes this seafood special feast.

Purina Fancy Feast Kitten Canned Wet Cat Food

The Purina Fancy Feast Kitten wet canned food is probably the right option if you want to feed the young one with more moisture after it is weaned. The food is sold in 3oz. cans and in packages of 24. There are various tastes available including chicken, ocean whitefish, salmon, and turkey, and you can get one of the different varieties of packs so that you can feed the kitten different delicious meals every time.

The food is made to ensure that kittens under the age of 1 get a 100% balanced nutritional meal, with all of the minerals and vitamins necessary for its proper development and healthy growth.

The texture of the food allows even the smallest kittens to manage to eat it, so you can start giving your kitten Fancy Feast wet food from day one after the kitten is weaned from its mother.

Purina Fancy Feast Medleys Adult Wet Cat Food Variety Pack

If you have a cat that gets bored of eating the same old food over and over again, you should surprise it with this amazing variety pack of different canned wet cat foods by Purina.

The pack includes a total of 54 3oz cans of premium cat food which will make your cat lick its dish to perfection every time.

The Fancy feast Medley includes 3 boxes with 18 cans each. One is the Florentine collection, the other is the Seafood collection, and the third one – the Tastemakers collection.

The Florentine collection includes 6 cans of tuna, 6 cans of turkey, and 6 cans of white meat chicken – all with garden greens and delicious sauce.

The Seafood collection includes 6 cans of Tuna Florentine, 6 cans of Salmon Primavera, and 6 cans of Shredded Tuna – all inspired by the healthy Mediterranean diet and combined with garden greens and sauce.

The Tastemakers collection includes 6 cans of Turkey and white meat chicken with spinach and gravy, 6 cans of White meat chicken with tuna and wild rice and spinach in broth, and 6 cans of Tuna and shrimp with wild rice and gravy.

Overall, your cat will be presented with 9 different, mouthwatering gourmet meals, so you can offer it a well-balanced and yet diverse diet.

Purina Pro Plan Pate Adult Canned Wet Cat Food

With the Purina Pro Plan Pate canned wet food your kitty will not only be happy and well-fed, but it will also have a healthier coat and skin thanks to the added essential nutrients and real proteins. This top-quality wet cat food provides perfectly balanced meals for cats of all sizes and types, and it is available in a very wide variety of flavors and sizes, suitable for any taste and any number of cats.

You can pick between 3oz. and 5.5oz. cans and different delicious recipes including chicken, grain-free beef and carrots, grain-free chicken, grain-free turkey, salmon and brown rice, salmon and wild rice, and turkey and giblets.

The premium cat food is sold in boxes of 24 cans, so you can stock up and ensure that your furry friend has a tasty and healthy meal every day.

Each portion has 10% crude protein, 5% crude fat, 1.5% fiber, 0.05% Taurine, 3.2% ash and 78% moisture.

This series of mouthwatering tender pates is also excellent for strengthening the immune system, so your cat will stay healthy and well.

Sheba Perfect PORTIONS Cuts in Gravy Entrée Wet Cat Food

If you want the best of the best-wet cat food for your beloved pet, you may want to opt for the premium quality Sheba Perfect Portions Multipack.

The combo pack includes 48 servings of delicious soft cuts in gravy with three different tastes. There are 24 twin packs of 2.6oz per portion in this luxurious package, of which 12 Roasted chicken entrées, 6 Gourmet Salmon entrées, and 6 Tender Turkey entrée double packs.

All of the flavor types are made without any grains, and with real proteins for a healthier diet and a much better taste. Along with the proteins, there are added minerals and vitamins which help keep the cat healthy and strong.

This food is suitable for felines of all ages and is perfect for those of you who hate putting away half-eaten cans or trays of food for next time. All you need to do when it comes time to feed your feline friend is snap one of the portions off, peel the lid off and serve it.

Perfectly portioned, and with a variety that will keep your cat interested and happy at all times, this gourmet pack of various wet cat foods is the finest present you can give to your cat and to yourself.

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Best cat food for kittens for 2022

WholeHearted Grain Free Limited Ingredient Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food for All Life Stages

This limited chicken recipe dry cat food by WholeHearted is yet another grain-free, tasty food that your furball will love. It is suitable for cats of all ages, and its first ingredient is real chicken.

The other ingredients included in this top-quality cat food include fish oil, vitamins, minerals, and all-natural flavors.

The food does not include any soy or potatoes and has added special cat probiotics to help keep the digestive system of your kitty healthy and well.

The Limited Ingredient Chicken Recipe food is available at a reasonable price in packages of 2.5 lbs., 5lbs. and 10 lbs.

Thanks to its perfect balance and delicious taste, even the most pretentious cats will easily switch to eating this superb dry cat food.

Kitten Chow Nurture Dry Cat Food

If you want the best food for your tiny kitten, you may want to choose the Kitten Chow Nurture Dry Food. This high-quality dry cat food is sold in quantities of 1.1lbs., 3.15lbs., 6.3lbs., and 14lbs.

The recipe is specially designed for young cats and includes 25 essential vitamins and minerals which will ensure that the kitty grows up healthy and strong.

Purina has made sure that the specialized cat food for kittens has all of the necessary nutrients similar to those in mother’s milk, as well as proteins, DHA, and antioxidants. The dry food is made of real chicken, omega fatty acid, and is high in protein which is very important for the cat ass it is growing.

It doesn’t have any artificial colors, and all kittens seem to love its taste. With dry food like this, you can rest assured that you are feeding your sweet little kitten with the prime dry cat food for kitties and that it will grow up healthy and strong.

WholeHearted Grain-Free Chicken Recipe Dry Kitten Food

The grain-free dry cat food for kittens by WholeHearted is another perfect option if you want to teach the young cat to eat dry food. The main ingredient is real chicken, and it also includes probiotics to help the digestive system function properly, as well as omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat.

The dry food is completely grain-free and is available at a reasonable price in bags of 2lbs. or 5 lbs.

Nutri Source Cat & Kitten – Chicken, Salmon & Liver – 16 lbs.

With this dry cat food by NutriSource, you can feed both the kittens and their mother safely. It is made of a delicious mix of chicken, liver, and salmon, so every kitty will simply love munching on those kibbles.

All of the ingredients are completely natural and perfectly balanced to provide a complete meal for kittens and adult cats alike.

The NutriSource dry cat and kitten food is sold in 16 lbs. bags, and it is so delicious that you can be sure that your cat or cats will never get tired of eating it.

Royal Canin Babycat Instinctive Wet Kitten Food (195g)

If you want to give your kitten royal treatment, you should buy Royal Canin’s baby cat wet food. Sold in 195g cans this food has a mousse-like tender texture suitable for baby kittens of all ages and breeds. It is suitable for kitties up to 4 months old as well as for their nursing mothers.

As usual, Royal Canin has carefully selected and made this food to meet the nutritional needs and tastes of the youngest cats in mind. The food contains 10.5% proteins, 5.5 % crude fat, 1.8% crude fiber, 5.5% crude ash and 79% moisture.

Your kitten will fall in love with this delicious premium wet cat food immediately and you can wean them off mother’s milk very easily with it. It is the perfect first step for teaching the young kitty to start eating solid food.

Best cat food for elderly, overweight, or cats with health problems for 2022

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken & Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food

If you are fed up with cleaning the nasty mess in the litter box of your cat which has a sensitive digestive system, this dry cat food by Hill’s can help resolve the problem for both you and your cat.

It is a delicious dry food made of eggs and rice, which not only help provide all essential nutrients for your cat’s overall wellbeing but help resolve digestive issues such as diarrhea and vomiting, and also promote the health of the skin and coat.

It is a perfect everyday food for adult cats with sensitive skin or digestive systems and includes a special blend of omega 6 fatty acids and other vital nutrients for a healthier and happier kitty.

The food doesn’t have any artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, and includes 31% protein, 18% fat, 3% fiber as well as vitamin C, vitamin E, and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Hill’s Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care with Chicken Dry Cat Food

Bladder problems are quite common among felines, but thanks to the specially formulated Multicare Urinary Care chicken dry food by Hill’s Prescription, you can help resolve them in a delicious manner.

The diet of dry cat food includes the right balance of essential nutrients which help prevent the formation of crystals and bladder stones. It was formulated by veterinarians and nutritionists to help promote a healthy urinary tract in adult cats.

The food has been found to reduce problems with the urinary tract by 89% and to improve the pH levels of the feline’s urine. It has also been found to successfully dissolve bladder stones in a matter of 7 to 27 days.

It can be used as therapy food, as well as for the lifelong feeding of an adult cat. You can get it in bags of 4lbs., 8.5lbs., or 17.6lbs.

It includes 30% protein, 13% fat, 1.6% fiber, as well as essential minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and also omega 3 fatty acids for healthy skin and fur.

Hill’s prescription diet metabolic weight management chicken flavor

If you are trying to get your cat to lose some weight but find it difficult to do with ordinary cat food, you should try out the specialized weight management diet metabolic dry cat food by Hill’s Prescription.

It is available in bags of 4lbs., 8.5 lbs. and 17.6 lbs. and is specially made to tackle the growing problem of obesity and overweight pets. Just like in humans, any extra weight can affect the health and wellbeing of the feline, which is why it is important to manage your cat’s weight closely.

With the help of the special formula of this metabolic dry cat food, your cat will get its delicious meals and lose weight in a matter of just a couple of months.

The food helps improve the cat’s metabolism so that it doesn’t regain weight loss in the future.

It includes the trademark S+Oxyshield which promotes urinary health and yet doesn’t affect the deliciousness of the food itself.

The food has 33% protein, 10% crude fat, 10% crude fiber, as well as added calcium, phosphorus, taurine, vitamin C, and vitamin E for a perfectly balanced meal for your cat every day with a caloric value of 297 kcal per cup.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO Dry Cat Food

This excellent quality prescription dry cat food by Royal Canin is specially formulated to keep the cat’s urinary tract healthy and functioning properly. It can save you a lot of money for veterinary help, as well as a lot of suffering of your cat by helping dissolve any crystals or stones in the bladder.

The Urinary SO dry food is perfect for adult cats which have problems like peeing outside of the litterbox, or troubles with urination.

It is suitable for the everyday feeding of cats with chronic problems with the urinary tract and is also made to be palatable and delicious even for the most pretentious felines.

The food contains 32.5% protein, 13.5% fat, 4.5% fiber, 9.5% moisture and 0.08% magnesium. It is sold in bags of 7.7 lbs. and 17.6 lbs.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein HP Dry Cat Food

If your cat has digestive problems and you are struggling to find a food which it can eat without negative results, you should opt for this tasty and specialized Veterinary Diet Hydrolyzed Protein dry food by Royal Canin.

It is the perfect dry food for cats with sensitive digestive systems, food allergies, and sensitivities, and is made especially for short-term elimination feeding as well as for long-term feeding of a cat with such problems.

The ingredients include hydrolyzed proteins which are easily absorbed by the digestive system without triggering any immune reactions in the felines.

The food contains 23% crude protein, 18% crude fat, 5.6% crude fiber, 8% moisture, and DHA and EPA.

The added fiber helps resolve any digestive problems, and the included omega 3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA promote better skin and coat health.

The taste is designed to be highly palatable even for the most pretentious cats.

Features to look for when picking the best cat food

There are three important features to keep in mind when you are choosing good food for your cat.

Always look for food that has a high protein content, high water or moisture content, and which is low in carbs.

The first ingredient of good quality cat food should always be an animal-based protein product. For a great choice – look for cat foods that are made of real products rather than from by-products.

Also, if possible, avoid foods that include too many grains or carbs because they can cause the cat to gain weight as well as lead to spikes in its blood sugar. Cats are natural carnivores, so they don’t need too many carbohydrates to live a healthy and happy life. Some of the healthy carbs which you can add to the diet of your cat include sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, chickpeas, apples, or berries. They are lower in calories and are easier to digest than soy, wheat, corn, or white rice.

In order to be sure that the food has passed all health inspections and is better regulated, opt for cat food made in the USA, and food that is certified and tested.

Other factors to keep in mind when choosing the best cat food


Of course, it is not only the ingredients that matter when you are buying the most appropriate food for your feline friend.

You should also get the best cat food to fit your budget.

Also, you should opt for specialized food for specific cats, especially kittens, elderly cats, or felines with certain sensitivities and health problems.

Always read the nutrition labels on the cat food before buying it. Pay attention not only to the main ingredients, but also not the percentage of proteins, fats, fibers, carbs, moisture, and other essential nutrients in it.

The first ingredients should always be real animal products. Stay away from foods that have by-products listed as their first ingredients.

Whenever possible, and especially if your cat is overweight, avoid foods that have soy, corn, wheat, or other grains which are high in carbohydrates and which are difficult to digest by the felines.

Also, check out the net weight of the cat food you buy as well as the recommended servings for your cat in order to find the top quality and value for the money you will be paying.

Good quality cat food needs to include good fats like Omega 3 or Omega 5 fatty acids, or DHA, EPA, and ALA.

Any added marine plants and herbs such as kelp, sage, dill, thyme, basil, or rosemary can add to the healthy nutrition which your cat needs on a daily basis.

If you are not sure about the quantities of food you should be giving to your cat, ask your trusted vet for advice on the finest type of food and the recommended quantities and portion sizes for your pet.

In general, premium brands usually use premium quality ingredients, so if you can afford these types of foods – this is the best way to go and to be certain that your cat is getting the best diet possible.

Which ingredients to avoid

The diet of your cat is essential for its growth, health, wellbeing, and long lifespan. The better the nutrition you provide to your furry friend – the longer it will live and the healthier it will be.

If you want the outstanding for your cat you should avoid ingredients and foods which can be fattening, which do not provide a balanced diet or even can be toxic for your feline friend.

Low-quality cat food can lead to obesity, kidney problems, diabetes, and even cancer.

In order to keep your cat as healthy and well as possible make sure you avoid ingredients in the cat food like:

  • Artificial colors
  • Artificial flavors
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Sugar
  • By-products
  • Rendered fat
  • Unspecified meat
  • Sodium nitrate
  • Vitamin 3K
  • Carrageenan

Any product which sounds strange or you can’t pronounce

Other tips for finding the best cat food

Do not believe everything you read on the package of the cat food. Not all words on the label are properly regulated by the FDA. Words like premium or natural are not regulated, so the foods may be labeled as such but still have bad or unhealthy ingredients in them.

Instead, look for labels that say organic, free-range, grass-fed, human-grade, because these terms are legally regulated.

The perfect cat foods include fewer but real ingredients without potentially harmful additives.

Always keep the digestibility of the cat food in mind

Just like humans, cats can eat just about any kind of food, but the question is – how is this food digested by them, and are the nutrients properly absorbed.

Foods which include fillers, by-products, or artificial ingredients are more difficult to digest. They can even hinder the digestion of healthy nutrients.

To find out how well your cat is digesting a certain type of cat food, make sure you inspect its feces on a regular basis.

If you notice problems such as loose, frequent, irregular, bad-smelling, or too much feces, this probably means that your cat is not digesting the food well.

Apart from choosing cat food with premium real ingredients, always look at the moisture content in any type of food for your cat. The moisture-rich cat foods help improve digestion and also promote the proper absorption of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals by the organs and tissues of the cat.

The big question – wet or dry cat food?

The different cat owners have different opinions on which type of diet is best for their pets. Some choose dry food, others prefer to feed their cats with wet food, while some cat parents opt for a raw food diet.

The benefits of picking wet cat food

Many veterinarians and nutritionists recommend wet cat food as a better and healthier option than kibble. The main reason is the fact that canned food has higher moisture content than dry food. This helps keep the cat hydrated, and also helps the absorption of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals by the digestive system.

Also, wet food is usually more suitable for cats that have chronic health problems such as urinary problems or kidney disease.

The main drawback of wet cat food is the fact that it needs to be stored in the fridge when opened, it is messier to handle and it is usually more expensive and with a shorter shelf life than kibble.

The benefits of picking dry cat food

Many cat owners prefer feeding their cats with dry food mainly because of the sheer convenience. Dry food can be left out in the bowl all day long without getting spoilt.

Also, kibble doesn’t make such a mess as wet food does.

It also has a longer shelf life than most wet cat foods.

Plus, dry cat food is usually less expensive than wet food.

The benefits of feeding your cat with raw food

Feeding raw food has become a popular choice among cat lovers in the last several years.

The reason for its growing popularity is the fact that raw food mimics an actual natural diet which a cat would eat in the wild.

Also, by feeding the cat with real unprocessed meat and organs, you avoid giving it any potentially harmful preservatives.

The drawbacks of this diet are the fact that raw meat and products spoil fast and can be quite a bit more expensive than cat food. Plus, finding raw meat and organs is not as easy as buying cat food.

So, which cat diet is the winner?

Ideally, you should feed your cat with all 3 types of foods – dry, wet, and raw.

You can combine kibble with some wet food for moisture, and replace the cat food with good quality real animal meat, organs or eggs on occasion as well.

FAQs about cat food


  • Is it essential to buy cat food that is made for a specific life stage of the cat?

Yes, just like us, cats have different health and nutritional needs depending on how old they are. Kittens need caloric, protein-rich food which helps them grow up healthy and strong. At the same time, older cats do not require so many calories and may need to eat specific types of food in order to maintain a healthy weight or to tackle specific health problems.

Always ask your vet for the recommended type of food to feed your cat.

  • Are the portion recommendations on the cat food labels trustworthy?

Usually, the recommended portion size and feeding instructions on the different cat foods should be treated as general guidelines rather than strict rules. The portion size and the number of times you feed your cat depends on its age, general health, activity level, weight, and type.

  • How can I tell whether my cat is overweight?

If you are worried that your kitty may be overweight you can do a simple test to find out whether there is a problem with its weight. You should be able to see a waist when you look down at the back of your cat. Also, you should be able to see a narrower waist from the side of the cat as well. When you run your hands on its sides, you should be able to feel the cat’s ribs easily and without poking your fingers in it too much.

Ask your vet for recommendations for better weight management for your cat if you have worries about its healthy weight.

  • Can I feed my cat with people’s food occasionally?

No matter how your cat is staring at you while you are eating, you should avoid the temptation of giving it human food, because some ingredients like certain spices and herbs which we eat can be toxic for felines. Also, giving your cat scraps from your food can lead to weight gain which can cause various health problems.

  •  When should I transition to feeding my kitten adult cat food?

Usually, the appropriate time to start transitioning from cat food for kittens to cat food for adult cats is at the age of 1. But make sure you observe how the young cat is reacting to the food, and how it is digesting it in order to be sure that it is adjusting to the new diet well.

  • How to prevent cat food from going bad?

Always check the expiration date on the food before buying it or feeding it to your cat. Plus, follow the instructions for storing the food closely.

If kibble is left outside for long, it can go bad if it gets moist or it is too warm.

Wet food should not be left out for more than four hours, and any leftover food should be stored in the refrigerator. An open can of wet food can safely be stored in the fridge for up to a week.

  • Can I feed my cat the same kind of food all life long?

Choosing whether to alternate among different brands, flavors, and types of cat food is an individual choice to make. It also depends on the preferences of your kitty. Mixing different types of cat food such as wet and dry food and occasionally raw meat products is the diet that is recommended by many vets. At the same time, you can also stick to feeding your cat with the same brand and type of cat food if it is healthy, if it likes it and if you find it easier too.

Final Words

Having a cat is not only a huge pleasure, but it is also a big responsibility. Feeding your feline friend with the best cat food is essential if you want to ensure that it is healthy, happy, and lives longer.

Finding the cat food for your specific kitty can be a bit tricky, especially if it is one of the pretentious ones. But by choosing one of the top-quality cat foods from our list, you will make sure that the cat is enjoying its meals, and at the same time is getting all of the nutrients it needs to be healthy.

Good luck with your purchase, and we hope that your cat is even happier with your choice than you are!