10 Best DNA Tests For Dogs in 2022

A growing number of dog parents are choosing to perform dog DNA tests for their pups. The reasons can be various – health, curiosity, behavioral problems, registering at the AKC, confirming a purebred lineage, or others.

Best Dog DNA Test

With the recent developments in the canine genetic testing industry, it is now possible to order a home dog DNA test kit like the top-rated Embark Dog DNA test kit and get the saliva samples from your dog by yourself so that a genetic test can be performed.

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Read on to find out more about the favorite dog DNA test kits for 2022, as well as the benefits of getting your four-legged friend tested.

Best overall

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Breed Identification Dog DNA Test Kit | Canine Genetic Ancestry Test Kit for Dogs

If you are dying to find out why your dog has such cute ears, why it acts weird every time it sees a squirrel, and why it is such a great swimmer, but are not ready to break the bank for a top of the line dog DNA test, you should opt for the bang for the buck for canine DNA tests for 2022 – the Wisdom Panel 3.0.

This genetic test kit is for identifying the exact breed mix of your dog. The saliva sample which you can collect with the swabs provided in the kit, and which you need to send back via the included pre-paid package will be matched with the genetic data of over 250 breeds, varieties, and types of dogs from around the world.

Within 2 weeks of registering online and sending back the saliva samples, you will receive a detailed genetic analysis of the ancestry and breed identification of your dog. From the moment you register yourself online and send the sample, you can track its status as it is being transported and processed.

The report includes the detection of any of the 250 breeds in the database, as well as drug sensitivity screening info which can be life-saving.

The drug sensitivity test is the only one officially licensed by the Washington State University for life-saving MDR1 as well as for drug sensitivity mutations which can help prevent adverse and even fatal reactions in your dogs from these medications in the future.

You will also get an estimate of the predicted weight of the dog so that you can properly plan and administer a healthy diet for your pup to avoid it becoming overweight or obese.

The report also includes detailed information regarding each breed detected in the genetic material, as well as the percentages of different breeds in the dog mix, and a three-generation family tree for your pup.

In order to get accurate results, you shouldn’t allow the dog to share any food or toys or drink or eat from the same bowl as other dogs for at least an hour before the test.

You can take the results of the DNA test to your vet or trainer so that you can examine the good options for your dog’s training program, for its nutrition, as well as for coping with behavioral issues.

Over 1 million dogs have already been tested with this particular dog DNA test kit, so Wisdom health has one of the largest databases of canine genetic information in the world.

The runner-up

Dna My Dog Canine Breed Identification Test

This straightforward dog DNA test is among the least expensive ones on our list, but it still provides useful and reliable information regarding the heritage and ancestry of your pup.


  • The test includes taking saliva samples from the mouth of the dog which is easy and painless to administer
  • The samples are tested against genetic data for over 96 dog breeds
  • The results will be available within a week after you send back the samples to the laboratory
  • The report will let you know more about your dog and will identify its unique heritage
  • Thanks to this genetic test you can gain a better understanding of the personality traits as well as the potential health risks for your dog
  • With the help of the test results, you can plan the overall care, the training program, and a properly balanced diet for your dog
  • The report includes a certificate for the breed composition of your dog
  • It also will inform you of all dominant breeds among your dog’s parents, grandparents, and great grandparents
  • It is among the least expensive dog DNA tests on the market

Best budget-friendly option

Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA Test Canine Genetic Health Test Kit for Dogs

The Wisdom Panel Health Canine DNA test is one of the most advanced dog DNA tests on the market. It matches your dog’s samples with over 350 dog breeds, including all of the AKC-recognized breeds.


  • The test can be administered by anyone by taking two samples from the dog’s mouth via the provided cotton swabs
  • All you need to do is register online and send the samples back to the lab via the included prepaid label
  • The detailed report will be emailed to you within the next 2-3 weeks
  • The report includes an adult weight prediction average
  • It also will give you useful insights regarding your dog’s physical traits, behavior, and wellness needs
  • Thanks to the breed insight, you can find the leading and most suitable training program for your dog
  • The test works for a purebred, mixed breed, or designer dog breeds
  • You will get a family tree with breed information up to the great grandparents of your dog
  • You can also print out a frameable certificate to certify and show the determined ancestry of your pup

The rest of the best dog DNA tests for 2022

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit | Breed & Genetic Ancestry Discovery

The finest dog DNA test for 2022 is a test that will allow you to get to know your dog better than you ever did. It is an easy-to-use dog DNA test, which will also let you know whether your dog is at risk of any of 160 different genetic health conditions and problems.

Don’t you want to know why your pup is so cute, why it walks in a specific way, why it barks in a certain manner, and why its coat is colored like it is? With the Embark Dog DNA test kit, which is designed by experts from the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine, you will get much more accurate genetic markers, which are 100 times more than those provided by the other genetic tests for canines on the market.

With a few easy steps, you will receive a full veterinary report which you can show your vet so that together you can figure out the great way to help prevent or at least take timely measures to stay ahead of all of the potential hereditary risks.

This advanced test can accurately screen your pup for over 165 genetic conditions, as well as to provide an accurate genetic history of the dog’s ancestors. The report also includes an accurate adult weight prediction for your pup.

The Embark Dog DNA test kit is very easy to use. All you need to do is take a simple swab of saliva from the inside of the cheek of your dog and send the sample back to the address provided in the same box which comes with the test kit. The results will be ready and accessible in about 2-3 weeks after you send the sample.

The test results are accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

The DNA dog test examines more than 200,000 genetic markers which will give you more insight regarding the heritable traits, the accurate mix of breeds, risks of genetic diseases, and other information which will not only let you find out more about your dog in regard to why it looks and acts in a certain way, but can also be lifesaving, and can help you keep your dog healthy and at lower risk of developing any hereditary diseases.

By taking this test, you will be helping the research team from Cornell University, which is gathering genetic data about dogs from around the world as well.

Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit – Canine Breed Identification and Ancestry Information

If you want an ancestry test as well as an MDR1 multidrug sensitivity test in one, easy-to-administer dog DNA test, you might want to try out the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel dog DNA test kit.


  • It tests for over 250 breeds, types, and varieties
  • The test is very easy to perform by yourself – just take a couple of saliva samples from the mouth of your dog and send them back via the included pre-paid label
  • The test will inform you whether your dog has a sensitivity to certain drugs and medications which could be lifesaving information for any future medical interventions
  • The results also include an adult weight rate prediction so you can start feeding and exercising your pup properly from an early age to prevent health problems later on in life
  • Thanks to the breed insights included in the report you will gain a better understanding of the behavior of your dog as well as find the finest training program for your pup
  • The detailed Ancestry report will be e-mailed to you and will contain genetic background information about your dog

Find My Pet DNA Dog DNA Test – Dog Breed Test kit

Last but not least is this extensive dog DNA test by Find My Pet DNA which will run a test and identify any of the AKC-recognized dog breeds as well as provide you with potential genetic health problems and predispositions of your dog.


  • The test is painless and easy to perform – just take a couple of saliva samples from the mouth of your dog as described in the detailed instructions
  • The test can identify any of the dog breeds officially recognized by the American Kennel Club
  • The results can be very helpful if you want to learn more about your dog and understand its character and behavior better
  • You can use the results to create a customized training and care plan for your pup
  • The test results will also inform you about any genetic conditions and predispositions to different diseases which your dog has so you can discuss the preventive actions to take with your vet
  • The results are ready within 3 to 4 weeks after the sample is sent to the laboratory
  • The test report also includes a family tree of your dog up to its great grandparents
  • You will also receive a frameable photo certificate of your dog’s breed composition

Canine Genetic Age Test DNA My Dog NEXTGEN

This unique dog DNA test will let you know what the biological or genetic age of your dog is which will help predict its longevity.


  • The kit includes a DNA breed and genetic age tests all in one
  • You will get an accurate result of your dog’s genetic age which will give you a clearer answer to the question – of how long your dog will likely live
  • The genetic age predicts the longevity of the canine from a cellular level
  • The report will be e-mailed to you within 2 weeks of receipt of the sample by the lab
  • The test will also give you useful insight into the personality traits of your dog
  • The report will also inform you of the potential genetic health concerns and disease predispositions of your dog
  • You will receive a photo certificate of the breed composition of your dog
  • Also – there is a breakdown of the different breeds in percentages

Wisdom Panel DNA Kit 2Pk for 2 DOGS

If you have two dogs and want to get the DNA tested at the best price, then you should opt for the Wisdom Panel DNA kit for 2 dogs.


  • The reasonably priced package includes two separate kits to test two dogs
  • You just need to take the saliva samples from each dog and mail them back in the envelope provided in the kit
  • You will receive an Ancestry report within 2 to 3 weeks
  • You will get detailed information about the family trees of both of your dogs which will allow you to understand your pups much better
  • You can check the ancestry of your mixed breed dog and find out which breeds have been involved in the creation of your perfect pup
  • The results can help customize the training, the diets, and the health plans for your dogs
  • The report also includes an ancestry chart with the percentages of each breed in the mix

Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit – Canine Breed Identification and Ancestry Information

Just like the overall choice, this dog DNA test kit is very simple to administer, and the results will include information regarding the ancestors of your pup as well as information regarding potential weight issues which it may have later on in life.

The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA test kit is a specialized dog DNA test for establishing a breed or breed mix, rather than for testing for potential genetic health problems and diseases.

With a DNA test like this, you can take early measures to prevent eventual weight gain and the health problems associated with it.

The useful adult weight prediction will allow you to plan and give well-balanced meals to your dog in order to prevent eventual weight gain, which can lead to several other problems like diabetes, heart disease, dysplasia, and other health issues.

By getting more information about the breeds of your pup’s ancestors, you will not only get to know it better but can also find the most appropriate training program which suits these breeds as well as help you understand the specific behavior of your dog better.

With a single saliva swab test, you can check out the ancestry of your purebred, mixed breed or hybrid dog breed dog back to its great grandparents.

The test report will be e-mailed to you within 3 weeks of sending back the sample in a pre-paid box to the lab. It will include detailed information about the breed identification of the grandparents and great grandparents of your pup.

It can also be used as breed certification for purebred dogs as well as to ensure genetic diversity when breeding such dogs.

If you have a designer dog breed, you can get assurance that your pup is a 50:50 hybrid between two purebred dogs

The weight prediction info is especially useful to help prevent your dog from becoming overweight or obese.

Thanks to the breed insights added in the DNA test report, you will get a better idea about how to train your pup and how to create a better wellness and care program for it.

The sample of saliva from your dog will be meticulously tested for 321 different genetic markers, and the results will be evaluated by special software.

If you are curious to know what your mixed breed dog is made up of, this dog DNA test is the favorite one to buy in 2022.

Canine HealthCheck – Dog Genetic DNA Disease & Trait Test

If you are not interested in the exact breed mix or ancestors of your dog, and you want a DNA dog test that will let you know which health conditions your dog is susceptible to, then the Canine HealthCheck dog genetic DNA test kit is a perfect option for you.


  • The test kit includes two sterile cotton swabs, detailed instructions on how to take the saliva samples properly as well as a prepaid return label to send the swabs to the lab.
  • You can screen your pup for over 150 different hereditary dog diseases and problems without leaving your home.
  • The test result will be ready and mailed to you within 7 to 10 days after the samples are received by the laboratory.
  • The test works for purebred, designer breeds as well as for mixed-breed dogs alike.
  • The results are very easy to understand
  • You can take the report to the vet with you in order to discuss early steps to take to prevent particular genetic conditions which your dog is susceptible to

The history of dog DNA testing

In 2007, Mars Petcare was the first company to release a dog DNA test, and at first, it was only available through a vet. This first genetics test for dogs required a blood sample from the dog. The pioneers in this booming industry initially thought that vets will help interpret the results of these tests for the owners, but the fact was that veterinarians were not too familiar with canine genetics at the time.

In 2009, as a result of technical advances, the Dog DNA tests could be performed via simple and painless saliva samples, which allowed Mars Petcare to start offering the Wisdom Panel test kits directly to the dog owners instead.

Since then, the popularity of dog DNA testing has been increasing immensely, and the competition was quick to enter this growing market. Companies including DNA My Dog, Embark and Paw Print Genetics were just a few of the companies which began offering home dog DNA test kits as well.

The kits usually include cheek swabs, instructions for taking the samples, as well as a prepaid envelope or label to post the samples back to the laboratory.

Since they were first introduced to the market, the dog DNA tests have advanced and improved, and today, some of these genetic tests can test your dog for susceptibility to over 150 different hereditary health problems and diseases, as well as for drug intolerance and of course to track back the family tree of your dog up to several generations. Most test results also include an approximate weight average for your dog, as well as detailed information about its traits and behavioral specifics based on its heritage.

Unfortunately, even today very few veterinarians are properly educated in the relatively new sphere of clinical genetics, so they are not competent enough to interpret the results of these tests completely and to help the dog owners with health counseling based on the results from the dog DNA tests.

One of the main problems with pet DNA testing is that, unlike human DNA testing, it is not being regulated, so the leaders in the industry are trying to self-regulate instead. Companies like Wisdom Health are actively participating in the Harmonization of Genetic Testing for Dogs ongoing project.

This new project includes the collection of a dog gene database that links particular breeds to different hereditary diseases.

In order to link a specific health disease to a certain breed, it is necessary that the breed is identified correctly, which is not as easy as it sounds.

Also, there are very few vets who are capable of providing complete information regarding all of these 150 and more genetic diseases, so the testing companies themselves are offering to interpret the results and to answer the questions of the owners of the dogs instead.

The good news is that due to the fact that thousands of dog owners are buying and using these dog DNA test kits, there is a growing database of genetic information about dogs from around the world, which can serve for future genetic studies that can help resolve health issues with some dog breeds and otherwise help make canines healthier.

What are the benefits of performing a dog DNA test

Even though canine genetic testing is still in its early stages of development, there are still many reasons why you should test your dog’s genes with one of these easy-to-use and affordable dog DNA tests from our list. Here are some of the benefits of getting your dog tested:

You can identify the exact breeds which are part of your dog’s heritage

This is an incredibly useful and we must admit – very curious advantage from performing a dog DNA test especially if you have a mixed breed dog or have adopted a dog without any idea where it has come from. With a good quality dog DNA test, you will not only find out why your dog always chases birds, has a funny beard, or why it has such strong legs, but also once you know what breeds have participated in making your dog, you will be able to better understand its physical traits and its character and behavior. This is especially useful if you want to curb unwanted behavior or if you are trying to train your dog in a great possible way. Any experienced dog trainer will give you sound advice on the best ways to train dogs from specific breeds.

Also, you will get to know your pup much better once you know where it came from.

Last but not least, you will be aware of any hereditary diseases that your dog may be prone to based on its genetic makeup.

Dog DNA test results can be used to diagnose various health problems and diseases.

If your dog has an underlying health problem which your vet is having a hard time diagnosing or treating, the results of a genetic test could be of big help. In many cases, the health problems in canines are hereditary, so with a dog DNA test that tests for such genetic diseases, your vet may be able to find the right diagnosis and hopefully administer the perfect treatment for it.

The test results can also help slow down or lower the risk of your pup developing any genetic diseases and health conditions in the future if timely measures are taken beforehand.

Some dog DNA tests can provide you with life-saving information

There are certain genetic tests for canines on the market which test specifically for MDR1 and drug sensitivity genetic mutations in your dog which can help you prevent adverse and even fatal reactions to particular medications in the future. With information regarding the specific allergies and sensitivities to drugs of your dog, you can rest assured that it won’t be prescribed or administered any drug to which it is sensitive to by the vets or dentists.

You can use the test results to register a dog as a purebred

Testing the genes of the sire, dam and pups can confirm the purebred lineage of the puppies and parents. This will ensure that the puppies are sold at the right price, and which puppies can participate in dog shows or register in the American Kennel Club or another similar organization.

DNA testing can help abandoned dogs in shelters find their forever homes

Since the lineage of most of the dogs that end up in rescue shelters is not always clear, a dog DNA test can help the shelter workers find out more about the ancestors of these dogs, as well as the typical characteristics they have – both physical and mental. The DNA test results can also help predict how large the dog will grow up to be, and also whether the mixed breed is suitable for certain types of owners and families or not. Needless to say, this information can help find more forever homes for abandoned dogs and can limit the instances in which people adopt dogs that turn out to be unsuitable pets for their households or lifestyles.

This type of testing can help resolve the stigma surrounding abandoned Pit Bulls, as it may turn out that most of these dogs are not genetically related to American Pit Bull Terriers or Staffordshire Bull terriers at all which is often the reason why these dogs do not get adopted.

DNA testing is actually fun

Testing your dog, especially if it is a must to find out the combination of breeds it is made of is pure fun. You will enjoy finding out the lineage of your pup and analyzing which part of its looks or its character it has inherited from which breed.

A dog DNA test can help you prevent obesity of your pup

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Most test results will provide you with an average adult weight estimate for your dog. This is not only a curious fact to know, but can help you plan your pup’s diet early on in life so that you keep it from becoming overweight or obese. Like in humans, extra weight can lead to numerous mild to serious and even fatal health problems and diseases.

Dog DNA test results will help you understand the behavior and personality of your dog

Does your dog jump into every puddle or lake it sees? Does it go crazy when it sees a running small animal? Does it howl and bark when you leave it alone? All of these types of behavior, as well as any other specific traits of your dog, are partly or completely a result of its genetic makeup.

The different dog breeds have different specific traits and behaviors which if you are aware of can deal with properly.

You will find out what the energy level of your dog is, what type of natural instincts it has, which types of situations you should avoid, and what kind of care you should provide it with via the useful dog DNA test results.

Some dog DNA tests can give you a more accurate prediction of your dog’s lifespan.

There are genetic tests in our list which can provide you with the genetic age of your dog, as well as a relatively accurate prediction about its life expectancy. The biological age of the dog is different from the chronological age, so with a test like this, you can get a clear idea about what the future holds for you and your beloved pup.

A dog genetic test can help you find the perfect match when you are looking for a new dog

The different dog breeds have different requirements when it comes to lifestyle, exercise, behavioral problems, and interactions with people, dogs, and other pets or with children, and so on. Genetic testing can ensure that you will be adding the perfect dog to your household and one which you can live happily depending on your lifestyle and family type.

Warnings about dog DNA testing

Please, keep in mind that the home dog DNA test kits are not to be considered as a final diagnosis. Even if your dog has a certain gene mutation that makes it prone to a serious disease, you shouldn’t start making life and death decisions based solely on the test results.

Do not feel obliged to put down your dog just because the results show that it can develop cancer or another deadly disease sometime in the future.

If you have specific concerns regarding part of the DNA test results of your dog, make sure you discuss them with the DNA testing companies, as well as with your vet first. Most of the reputable dog DNA testing companies have their own vets and genetics experts on staff that will gladly assist you when you are interpreting the test results.

Also, just because your four-legged friend has a particular genetic mutation this does not mean that it will necessarily get sick, so please avoid making any major medical decisions based solely on test results that you have received via e-mail. Always talk to your vet who knows your pet much better than any of the DNA testing companies!

Keep in mind that some genetic testing companies are more reputable and experienced than others, and also the fact that there is no official regulation of this type of testing, so your DNA test results can be quite accurate but then again, they can be way far off when it comes to the genes of your dog. So, always rely on the well-known brand names, as well as on the companies that have been in the genetic testing business for longer when choosing the prime dog DNA test for your pup.

Final words

A dog DNA test is a fun and insightful way to find out everything you have always wanted to know about your pup. It can help you understand its behavior and its appearance better as well as help you customize its training program, its diet as well as its future health plan.

A reliable dog DNA test can provide you with various useful information including whether your dog is sensitive to specific medications, or how large your dog will grow up to be, or what its genetic age and life expectancy are.

We hope that we have helped you find the best dog DNA test for your four-legged friend. Good luck with your purchase and have fun with the test results as soon as they are mailed in! Believe us, you will get to know and understand your dog much better once you find out more about its lineage and genes.