Best Dry Cat Food in 2022

If you are like many other cat parents who like the convenience and mess-free experience of feeding your furbaby with kibble, then you may be wondering which type of cat food is the best for your kitty.

Best Dry Cat Food

We have thoroughly reviewed and tested numerous excellent cat foods on the market and have decided that the dry cat food for 2022 is the Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-free.

We have compiled a list of the top, healthiest, and most delicious dry food for every cat and for every taste, so read on to find out more about the favorite dry cat foods for 2022.

Best overall

Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: adult indoor cats

First ingredients: chicken, chicken by-product, corn grits, corn gluten meal

Calories: 332 kcal/cup

Protein content: 30%

Diet: weight control, indoor, hairball reduction

If you have an indoor cat that doesn’t spend hours roaming outdoors, then you know how important it is to keep its weight under control, especially if it prefers napping and lounging all day long. With weight control dry food like Iams ProActive Health, you can control the calorie intake of your feline friend, and also help reduce hairballs.


  • The dry food is suitable for heavy cats that need to lose weight
  • The food contains 10% less fat than the standard original recipes
  • It is formulated to provide kitties with wholesome meals but with fewer calories
  • The food contains L-Carnitine which boosts fat burning
  • The blend of healthy carbohydrates in the food will keep the cat full and satisfied but without the weight gain
  • The fibers from the whole grains, rice, and beets included in the recipe help reduce hairballs
  • The healthy dry food also helps reduce unpleasant cat litter odors
  • The kibble is made in a crunchy form which will help clean the teeth of the cat and keep them free of tartar build-up
  • The other dry foods from the Iams ProActive health series include: healthy adult original with chicken, Adult healthy digestion, Hairball care chicken flavor, Kitten, Healthy senior, Adult hairball care, Urinary tract health with chicken, Healthy adult with salmon and tuna, High-protein chicken and salmon, Adult oral care with chicken, and Adult optimal metabolism recipes
  • The food is offered in bags of 3.5, 7, 16, and 22 lbs.

The runner-up

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: Adult cats of all breeds

First ingredients: deboned chicken, chicken meal, pea protein, tapioca starch, peas

Calories: 443 kcal/cup

Protein content: 40%

Diet: high-protein, grain-free

The Wilderness dry cat food series by Blue Buffalo is another top-quality food for felines. The Wilderness chicken Grain-free recipe is a high-protein dry cat food that will provide all the fuel your active cat needs to pursue its adventures the day or night. Each bowl of this kibble has sufficient amounts of animal proteins to satisfy your kitty’s wild craving. Plus it has the added LifeSource Bits which are a perfect mix of essential nutrients for your cat’s health and wellbeing.


  • The food is 100% grain-free suitable for cats with food allergies and sensitivities
  • It contains 40% of real animal protein to build and maintain lean muscles
  • Thanks to the added LifeSource Bits, your feline friend will receive all of the essential antioxidants, vitamins, minerals necessary for a healthy immune system and for overall health and wellbeing
  • The prebiotic fibers support a healthy digestive tract and proper nutrient absorption and help the cat maintain its ideal healthy weight
  • The food contains taurine which is an amino acid essential for heart health and for the vision
  • It has no grains, no chicken or poultry by-product meals
  • The other recipes to choose from in the Blue Buffalo Wilderness dry cat food series include: Salmon, Indoor chicken, Kitten chicken, Indoor hairball and weight control chicken, Duck, chicken indoor hairball control, Weight control chicken, Mature chicken, Rocky Mountain with red meat, Rocky Mountain with rabbit, Denali dinner with wild salmon, venison and halibut, Rocky Mountain with trout and Flatlands feast with turkey, quail, and duck
  • The dry food can be purchased in bags of 2.5, 6, and 12 lbs.

Best budget-friendly option

Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: adult cats

First ingredients: chicken, chicken meal, corn gluten meal, ground rice, brown rice

Calories: 386 kcal/cup

Protein content: 34%

Diet: everyday food

If you don’t want to break the bank and yet buy healthy and nutritious dry cat food for your pet, then you may want to check out the reasonably priced Rachael Ray Nutrish Natural Chicken and Brown rice recipe. This food has farm-raised chicken from the USA as its number 1 ingredient and doesn’t contain any poultry by-product meal, fillers, preservatives, or artificial flavors, as well as ground corn, soy, or wheat.


  • The number 1 ingredient is US farm-raised chicken
  • The food also has added minerals and vitamins to provide the essential nutrients every cat needs to stay healthy and strong
  • The food contains yeast which is a natural source of B vitamins, as well as Biotin, Zinc, and other nutrients which help keep the skin and coat healthy and reduce the shedding, along with healthy omega fatty acids which further benefit the health and shine of the coat
  • The food also has beet pulp which is a natural source of prebiotics and fiber which help keep the digestive system of the cat healthy and well
  • It also contains taurine which is essential for feline vision and heart health
  • Made in facilities in the USA
  • The other choices to pick from the Rachael Rat Nutrish dry cat food series include: Indoor complete chicken with lentils and salmon, Salmon and brown rice, Longevity natural chicken with chickpeas and salmon, Inner health turkey with chickpeas and salmon, Zero grain indoor chicken, and potato, Zero grain indoor weight control whitefish, PEAK Natural Woodland Catch Recipe with chicken trout and salmon, and PEAK Natural open water recipe with salmon, Atlantic cod and mackerel

Rest of the best dry cat foods for 2022

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: cats aged 1 to 6 years of all breeds

First ingredients: chicken, whole grain wheat, corn gluten meal, pork fat, powdered cellulose

Calories: 328 kcal/cup

Protein content: 29.5%

Diet: Indoor cats

The Hill’s Science Diet Indoor chicken recipe dry cat food is designed and prepared with the happy indoor cat in mind. The dry food will make your cat happy when it tastes it, and also will promote good health and longevity.

Made especially for indoor cats aged 1 to 6 years, this high-quality dry cat food will ensure a happy and healthy life for your purring friend.


  • It contains real chicken meat and other premium-quality natural proteins and other ingredients for a complete balanced meal for any indoor cat aged 1 to 6 years
  • Made in the USA in compliance with all pet safety and health standards
  • The top-quality ingredients and added fiber will help keep the cat’s digestive system healthy and the litter box cleaner
  • The fiber in the dry food will help reduce hairballs
  • The antioxidants and vitamins in the food will boost the immune system of the cat
  • There are no added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in this food
  • Formulated especially for healthy indoor cats
  • The other dry foods from the Hill’s Science Diet dry cat food series to choose from include: Adult sensitive stomach and skin chicken and rice, Adult urinary hairball control, Adult perfect weight chicken, Adult chicken, Adult oral care, Adult light chicken, Adult 11+ indoor chicken, Kitten chicken, Indoor kitten, Adult 7+ indoor, Adult 7+ hairball control, Adult hairball control light, Adult 11+ chicken, Adult multiple benefit chicken, Adult 7+ indoor, Adult 7+ youthful vitality and Adult sensitive stomach and skin salmon and yellow pea
  • The dry food can be ordered in bags of 3.5, 7, and 15.5 lbs.

Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: adult cats, all breeds

First ingredients: chicken meal, sweet potatoes, peas, chicken fat, pea protein

Calories: 390 kcal/cup

Protein content: 42%

Diet: grain-free

The taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain Grain-free Dry Cat Food is the top-ranked dry food for kitties for 2022. Its formula provides a balanced and natural diet for any cat of any breed. Made with 42% proteins, including chicken meal, roasted venison, and smoked salmon, this dry food will make even the most pretentious felines want more and more.

It has been formulated based on the wild diet of wild cats made up of real animal proteins and fresh and wholesome fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients.

The proper balance of each bowl of this excellent quality dry cat food is achieved with the added real veggies and fruits, which are excellent sources of natural prebiotics, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.


  • The food is completely grain-free
  • The proteins include real smoked salmon, roasted venison, and chicken meal, which will help support strong and lean muscles in all kinds of cats
  • The added fruits and vegetables provide all essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep the cat healthy
  • The food also contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are essential for the skin and coat health
  • All ingredients come from sustainable and trusted sources
  • The food doesn’t contain preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, or flavors
  • It is grain, corn, and wheat-free which makes it an excellent option for kitties with food allergies and sensitive digestive systems
  • The food has been created to be highly digestible and very nutritious, suitable for everyday consumption by any feline
  • Made in the USA
  • The food is also available in a Canyon River Grain-Free recipe with trout, ocean fish, and sweet potatoes
  • Sold in bags of 5 and 14 lbs.

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Chicken Recipe Adult Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: adult cats of all breeds

First ingredients: deboned chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, oatmeal, barley, pea protein

Calories: 422 kcal/cup

Protein content: 32%

Diet: no wheat, no soy, and no corn, for sensitive digestion, gluten-free

The holistic nutritional dry cat food offered by Blue Buffalo in this Sensitive Stomach recipe is one of the best foods to choose if your kitty is suffering from a stomach upset or if it is predisposed to digestive problems or has food allergies. It is made with real deboned chicken and is gluten-free, and wheat-free. It is a perfect mix of real animal proteins and gentle grains plus added prebiotics which helps soothe the stomach and improve the gut flora.


  • It is loaded with a unique mix of vitamins, minerals, and superfoods with added omega fatty acids, antioxidants, amino acids, and taurine in the form of LifeSource Bits
  • The food contains probiotics and prebiotics which help normalize and maintain a balanced and healthy gut flora
  • The omegas help keep the coat and skin healthy, the taurine is superb for the heart and the eyes, and the other elements are essential nutrients to keep the cat healthy, strong and happy
  • The food is made with no poultry by-product meals or chicken, no gluten, no soy, so wheat and no corn
  • The wide selection of dry cat foods in the Blue Buffalo Healthy Holistic series includes: Indoor health chicken and brown rice, Indoor hairball, and weight control chicken and brown rice, Healthy growth kitten chicken and brown rice, Aging chicken and brown rice, Indoor salmon, and brown rice, Weight control chicken and brown rice, Multi-cat chicken and turkey, Healthy living chicken and brown rice, Indoor hairball control chicken and brown rice, and Indoor chicken recipes
  • The food is offered in bags of 2, 5,7,10, and 15 lbs.

Purina Beyond Grain-Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg Recipe Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: Adult cats of all breeds

First ingredients: Ocean whitefish, chicken meal, pea protein, pea starch, cassava root flour

Calories: 467 kcal/cup

Protein content: 35%

Diet: grain-free

If you are a fan of feeding your beloved cat with real foods and simple recipes with no mysterious contents, then you may want to opt for the Purina Beyond Grain-free Ocean whitefish and Egg dry food. It is made of fewer and easily recognizable ingredients and will provide your cat with a perfectly balanced meal every time.


  • The food contains no grains which makes it an excellent option for cats with sensitivities to corn, soy, or wheat
  • The main ingredient is ocean whitefish and it is paired with other real proteins such as chicken meal, eggs, and peas
  • The dry food does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or any poultry by-product meals, so you will know exactly what you are feeding your cat every time you fill that bowl
  • The food has added taurine for healthy heart muscle functioning and good eyesight
  • The sweet potatoes will provide even more fuel for the energetic cat
  • The food is made in Purina’s facilities in the USA
  • The other dry food options from the Purina beyond Grain-free series include: White meat chicken and egg, Indoor salmon, egg and sweet potato, Wild turkey and lentil, Pacific tuna and lentil, and Icelandic Arctic Char and lentil recipes
  • The food is offered in bags of 3, 5, and 11 lbs.

Cat Chow Indoor Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: All adult cats

First ingredients: cornmeal, poultry by-product meal, corn gluten meal, soy flour

Calories: 361 kcal/cup

Protein content: 30%

Diet: Indoor, weight control

The top choice for the favorite budget-friendly dry cat food for 2022 is a high-quality kibble for indoor cats by Purina. Cat Chow Indoor is actually one of the top preferred dry cat foods among cat owners for numerous reasons, one of which is the reasonable price. But this is not the only reason why you should buy Cat Chow Indoor cat food for your furball. It is also a well-balanced food which has been formulated in accordance with the energy needs of indoor cats of all breeds and sizes.


  • The food has fewer calories than regular dry food and is suitable for weight management in indoor cats
  • It contains antioxidants that help boost the immune system and overall health of the cat
  • It also has natural fibers which are very useful for hairball control
  • It has a total of 25 essential vitamins and minerals
  • The food is formulated to provide the perfect mix of proteins, healthy carbs, and essential fatty acids
  • The Cat Chow dry dog food is also available in the following variants: Complete, Naturals Original with real chicken and salmon, Gentle, Naturals Indoor, and Naturals grain-free with real chicken
  • It is sold in 3.15, 6.3, and 16 lbs. bags

Solid Gold – Indigo Moon – High Protein & Grain-Free

Cat breed and age: all life stages, all sizes

First ingredients: chicken meal, potatoes, peas, chicken, ocean fish meal

Calories: 455 kcal/cup

Protein content: 42%

Diet: grain-free, high-protein, gluten-free

The Solid Gold Indigo Moon grain-free dry cat food with chicken and eggs is a superb choice if you are shopping for gluten-free dry cat food. The high protein formula of this tasty food will satisfy the cravings of your kitty, as well as provide it with the energy it needs to be active and curious day and night.


  • It contains 42% proteins with chicken meal, chicken, and ocean fish meal as the main ingredients
  • The food also has added eggs which also help boost lean muscle growth and the cat’s metabolism
  • The food is made of 20 highly nutritional superfoods including pumpkin, carrots, blueberries, cranberries, broccoli, lentils, kelp, and almond oil
  • Thanks to the added fiber-rich peas in the recipe, your cat will be receiving a highly digestible and highly nutrient food to keep it happy and healthy
  • The added chicken and ocean whitefish meal is also highly digestible
  • All ingredients are sourced from reliable producers in North America, Australia, and Europe
  • The other flavors in the Solid Gold dry cat food series include: a Touch of heaven with chicken and brown rice, Katz-N-Flocken with lamb and brown rice, Nature’s Harmony with chicken, peas, and potatoes, and Winged tiger with quail and pumpkin
  • The food is offered in bags of 3, 6, and 12 lbs.

Royal Canin Weight Care Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: adult cats, all breeds

First ingredients: chicken meal, wheat gluten, rice hulls, corn, corn gluten

Calories: 276 kcal/cup

Protein content: 37%

Diet: weight control, indoor, high-protein

Every cat parent knows just how hard it is to keep the kitty in optimal shape and safe from becoming overweight or obese, especially for indoor cats. With top-quality dry food like the Royal Canin Weight Care Dry Cat Food, you can rest assured that your cat will be receiving delicious and satisfying meals every time, and at the same time will stay safe from gaining extra weight.

This premium dry cat food includes less fat per portion than most other dry foods. At the same time, it provides a well-balanced and nutritional meal for the cat.


  • It includes L-Carnitine which will boost the health and wellbeing of your cat
  • The weight care dry food is a result of 40 years of research and observation by Royal Canin
  • The food can help cats lose weight healthily and promptly by offering them delicious meals with a moderate protein and low-fat content
  • It is made of all-natural ingredients and flavors
  • The special triangular shape of the kibble helps encourage proper chewing as well as cleans the teeth from plaque buildup
  • The dry food provides a balanced and complete meal with all the necessary dietary fiber for a healthy and properly functioning digestive system and also discourages cats from overeating
  • All ingredients are provided by trusted suppliers and comply with the safety standards
  • It is available in bags of 3, 6, and 14 lbs.

Castor & Pollux Organix Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: adult cats of all breeds

First ingredients: organic chicken, organic chicken meal, organic pea protein, organic oatmeal, organic peas

Calories: 411 kcal/cup

Protein content: 32%

Diet: Organic, no corn and no wheat, gluten-free

If you are shopping for purely organic dry cat food, then you can’t go wrong with this premium quality Organix Chicken and Brown Rice recipe food by Castor & Pollux. Made of entirely organic ingredients, including free-range chicken, pea protein, oatmeal, and brown rice, it has been blended with a variety of superfoods like flaxseeds, cranberries, and coconut oil to provide your fur baby with the superfoods and all other healthy nutrients it needs to be happy and healthy for years.


  • The main ingredient is organic chicken
  • The other vegetables, whole grains, and fruits are also organic
  • The food has wholesome grains for proper digestion and to soothe sensitive stomachs
  • It is prepared to provide a balanced meal for cats of all ages and breeds
  • Cooked and certified by USDA accredited kitchens in the USA
  • It contains no pesticides, no gluten, no chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, no corn, no soy, and no growth hormones, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • It also has omega 3, omega 6 fatty acids, and taurine for skin, coat, heart, and eye health
  • The other Organix dry food recipes offered by Castor & Pollux include: chicken and sweet potato, Kitten recipe
  • Sold in bags of 3, 6, and 10 lbs.

Go! Fit + Free Grain-Free Chicken, Turkey & Duck Recipe Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: all adult cats

First ingredients: chicken meal, deboned chicken, deboned turkey, duck meal, turkey meal

Calories: 473 kcal/cup

Protein content: 46%

Diet: High-protein, grain-free, gluten-free

The Go! Fit Free chicken, turkey, and duck recipe is a yummy meal that every cat will appreciate. It is a top-quality dry cat food that is packed with real animal proteins from chicken, turkey, duck, trout, herring, and salmon. This is the taste and the food which every cat craves. The food also has healthy veggies, fruits, and other nutrients which together create a perfectly balanced and delicious food for cats of all sizes and breeds.


  • Made of real deboned meat and meals with no added animal meal by-products – all 100% fresh meat
  • The added veggies and fruits like potatoes, apples, pumpkin, carrots, cranberries, blueberries, bananas, lentils, broccoli, and many others are excellent natural sources of all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants that your cat needs to stay healthy and well
  • The food also provides the cat with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for beautiful and healthy skin and hair
  • With each bowl of this food, your kitty will get the taurine necessary for maintaining a healthy heart and good vision
  • The food doesn’t contain any anonymous ingredients, artificial preservatives, gluten, or grain
  • The other available recipes in the Go! Fit Free dry food series include: Sensitivity+Shine Limited duck, Sensitivity+Shine freshwater trout and salmon, Sensitivity+Shine LID Pollock, Solutions Skin+Coat care salmon, and Solutions Skin+Coat chicken recipes, all of which are grain-free
  • You can choose from bags sized 4, 8, or 16 lbs.

Now Fresh Grain-Free Adult Recipe Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: adult cats, all breeds

First ingredients: deboned turkey, potato flour, peas, potatoes, whole dried egg

Calories: 444 kcal/cup

Protein content: 31%

Diet: GMO-free, gluten-free, grain-free

Your cat will simply love the freshness of the Now Fresh Adult grain-free dry food. The recipe includes 100% fresh deboned turkey, duck, and salmon, wholesome fruits and vegetables, and omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, with no gluten, no by-products, and no grains in it. This food is the perfect food for cats aged between 1 and 7 years.


  • The food is completely free of any rendered meats and by-products
  • It is also grain-free, gluten-free, and has no artificial preservatives, fillers, or beef, so you can feed it to cats with sensitivities and allergies to these products safely
  • Suitable for adult cats up to the age of 7
  • The added fresh veggies and fruits include peas, cranberries, spinach, pumpkin, kelp, blackberries, carrots, and alpha sprouts
  • The main proteins are real turkey, salmon, and duck
  • The food is perfectly balanced and has a high-protein content suitable for active cats
  • It has added omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for shiny and healthy coats and skin
  • The added probiotics and prebiotics help maintain a healthy and well-balanced gut flora
  • The other dry cat foods in this series include Adult, Senior weight management, Adult fish, and Kitten grain-free recipes
  • The dry food is offered in bags of 4, 8, and 16 lbs.

Best Breed Grain Free Cat Diet Made in the USA

Cat breed and age: All life stages, all breeds

First ingredients: chicken meal, egg product, red lentil, chickpeas, green peas

Calories: 444 kcal/cup

Protein content: 38%

Diet: low-glycemic, gluten-free, grain-free

Every good cat deserves the dry food possible. With Dr.Gary’s Best Breed Holistic All-Life Stages food, you can be pretty sure that you have done your can in providing your feline companion with the quality dry cat food there is on the market.

This hypoallergenic and healthy dry food includes top-quality digestible proteins combined with low glycemic grain alternatives.


  • Perfect for felines with sensitivities as it is completely grain and gluten-free
  • Made of 38% highly digestible real animal proteins with added low glycemic ingredients which replace the grains
  • The food contains minerals and cranberries which help support the cat’s urinary tract
  • The natural fiber in the food helps manage hairballs
  • The added taurine helps boost the heart health and vision of the cat
  • Thanks to the low ash ingredients, this dry food is very easy to digest
  • The omega-3 and omega-3 fatty acids promote the health of the skin and coat
  • It is suitable for cats in all life stages, from kittens to seniors
  • The food is sold in bags of 4, 15, and 30 lbs.

American Journey Turkey & Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Cat breed and age: Adult cats of all breeds

First ingredients: deboned turkey, turkey meal, chicken meal, tapioca starch, dried egg product

Calories: 395 kcal/cup

Protein content: 40%

Diet: grain-free, high-protein

The American Journey Turkey and chicken dry cat food is a grain-free, highly nutritional food for any adult cat which will provide it with the fuel it needs to stay active and happy day and night. It contains no soy, wheat or corn, and has deboned turkey as the main ingredient, combined with chicken and some fresh wholesome vegetables and fruits.

This high-protein food is designed and made to provide the perfect taste even for the most pretentious kitties and will keep them healthy and happy day in and day out.


  • The kibble contains 40% of real animal proteins including deboned turkey and deboned chicken for lean muscles and sufficient energy for active cats
  • It is grain-free with no soy, wheat, or corn added
  • There are no poultry meal by-products or artificial preservatives in this food
  • It also contains taurine for eye and heart health, antioxidants for the immune system, and omega 3 fatty acids for beautiful and healthy coats and skin
  • The other variants available from the American Journey grain-free dry food series include Salmon, Chicken, and Duck recipes
  • Sold in bags of 5 and 12 lbs.

Final Words

We hope that you have found the most suitable dry cat food for your kitty. Our list of the best kibble for cats for 2022 contains foods that are well-balanced, nutritious, and made of premium quality ingredients because we all want the good for our feline babies, right?

The foods we have picked are all suitable for everyday meals and are sufficient to provide your kitty with all of the proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids that it needs to stay healthy, happy, and strong. We also have chosen some types of food which are designed for kitties with sensitive digestion systems, hairball control, and weight management issues.

Remember, that if you feed your cat with dry food only, you will need to ensure that it drinks enough water to stay properly hydrated. You can mix kibble with various wet cat foods, or buy your fur baby and cat water fountain, so you can enjoy drinking more water as well.

Enjoy your purchase, and you can be sure that whichever dry food you choose from this list, your cat will thank you!

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