Can Dogs Eat Pineapple?

Pineapples are amazingly delicious and healthy tropical fruits. This is why they are among the most popular fruits in the world.

But can you give your pup a slice or two of pineapple as well?

If you are wondering whether dogs should eat pineapple and how it can benefit them, read on. We have also added useful tips for the best and safest ways to feed your pup with pineapple and some recipes for homemade healthy treats with this tropical fruit.

The good news is that just like with many other fruits, pineapple is safe for canines and is also one of the healthiest fruits you can give to your dog. The sweet and tangy tropical fruit is packed with vitamins and minerals essential for the pup’s health and well-being. Plus, it can help keep the dog hydrated, which is vital, especially on hot summer days.

But just like with any other fruits or dog treats, you should feed pineapple to your pup in moderation. A rule of thumb is for the daily treats to be up to 10% of the entire caloric intake of the dog per day. The rest of the intake should be from a properly balanced diet.

Also, pineapple may be a healthy and nutritious fruit, but it is also high in sugar. This can cause problems such as insulin sensitivity, diabetes, and weight gain in dogs.

How is pineapple beneficial for my dog’s health?

Your dog will love you even more after receiving a slice of pineapple due to its fresh and sweet taste. It will also receive many health benefits from this nutrient-rich tropical fruit.

Here are the main health benefits for dogs from eating pineapple:

Hydration – Pineapples contain over 80% water and, as such, are superb treats to keep your pup hydrated, especially in hot weather.

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin is an essential coenzyme. It helps the building of proteins, the balance of fluids in the body, the hormonal balance, and the proper functioning of the neurotransmitters in the dog’s body.

Vitamin C – This is a powerful antioxidant that helps repair the damaged cells and boost the health of the pup. This essential vitamin will boost your dog’s immune system and protect it from sickness.

Bromelain – This is an enzyme with very powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It can help reduce inflammations due to allergies or other skin issues in canines.

Is eating pineapples safe for pups?

Yes, but only if you take the necessary precautions and feed the pup with pineapple in moderation. The amount of pineapple which is safe for your pup to eat depends on its size, weight, and health.

Smaller dogs should eat smaller amounts of peeled and cut pineapple. Larger ones can eat more.

Dogs that are overweight or have diabetes should not be fed too much or any pineapple because of its high sugar content.

As usual, it is recommended that you consult with your veterinarian before making changes to your dog’s diet and before adding new human foods and ingredients to it.

The number of pineapples you give to your dog should be only up to 10% of its daily caloric intake. The rest of the menu should consist of healthy, good quality balanced dog food.

The same goes for any other fruits or treats you award your dog with.

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Which parts of the pineapple are safe for the dog?


If you like pineapples, you know which parts are edible for humans. The same goes when prepping the pineapple for your dog.

In other words, you need to remove the spiky skin and the inner core of the tropical fruit first. Letting your pup eat the skin or the core can lead to choking or a blockage of the intestines. Both of these can be life-threatening conditions!

Is pineapple too sugary for dogs?

Like most other fruits, pineapples have a high content of natural sugar. This sugar can lead to a spike in blood sugar levels and to obesity in canines. The sugar content in pineapples is 10%, so it should not be given to dogs with diabetes or suffering from obesity.

Speak to your vet about whether you can give your dog some pineapple, and if so – how much and how often it is safe for your pet.

Plus, it is advisable to always start with very small quantities when feeding your dog new foods. So, give your pup only a little pineapple at first. Then keep an eye on it for any allergic reactions or for eventual digestive upsets such as vomiting or diarrhea.

Contact your veterinarian immediately if you see any worrying or severe reactions such as problems breathing or others.

Is canned pineapple good for dogs?

While canned pineapple is not toxic for canines, it usually has quite a lot of sugar added to the fruit before the canning. This can have a negative effect on insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels in dogs with diabetes. Also, the chances are that some of the natural nutrients of these delicious tropical fruits can be lost during the canning process. Thus it will not be as beneficial for the health of your pup.

We recommend that you abstain from feeding your dog canned pineapple and stick to the fresh fruit instead.

If you need to give your pup canned pineapple, rinse off the slices thoroughly under running water first.

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Will eating pineapple stop my dog from eating its own stool?

Unfortunately, coprophagia, or eating its own poop is quite common among dogs. While it may seem like a disgusting habit for us, stools can be delicious for the dog.

While coprophagia may seem absolutely disgusting to us, it is something that is very common in canines. It can be due to numerous reasons, including – learned behavior from the mother, extreme hunger, boredom, attention-seeking, and more.

Some vets and pet owners claim that adding pineapple to the dog’s food can help curb this nasty habit. The reason is that pineapple contains bromelain. This is an enzyme that causes the dog poop to taste repulsive to the dogs.

But there is no scientific proof that feeding pineapple to a dog can help stop the gross habit.

So, while it may help in your case, the best way to prevent your dog from eating its own poop is to clean it up immediately.

Recipes for some of the best homemade dog treats with pineapple

While there are hundreds of recipes for humans that incorporate pineapple, very few are dog-friendly.

Here are some safe and healthy homemade treats with pineapple for your pup:

Mix it with other dog-friendly fruits and yogurt. You can add some banana, apple, blueberries, watermelon, oranges, and others to the mix for a sweet and nutritious snack.

Make a frozen pineapple treat – cut the fruit up and freeze it. Dogs will love this delicious, cooling, and hydrating snack in the summer.

Puree the pineapple – if your pup is a finicky eater, then you can puree some pineapple and mix it with its dog food. Another idea is to freeze the puree in ice cube trays as delicious frozen dog treats.

Prepare dog-safe ice cream – to make ice cream that is safe and good for your pup, mix some pureed pineapple with yogurt and with pureed sweet potatoes. Freeze it, and serve it later in scoops.

Make a pineapple smoothie – a fresh smoothie is healthy both for you and for the dog. Make sure to use dog-safe ingredients, and stay away from sugar or other unhealthy ingredients. The best recipe is to blend the pineapple with its own juice or with sugar-free yogurt.

Final verdict

As you can see, pineapple can be a very healthy alternative to many other dog treats and foods high in fat, calories, or sodium.

Just make sure that you track the quantities you give your dog and avoid feeding the pup with the pineapple’s spiky skin and hard inner core.

Most dogs will find this tropical fruit delicious and will enjoy this hydrating and refreshing treat at any time.

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