Cane Corso Ear Cropping – An In-Depth Guide

Being a watchdog, Cane Corso is a large, assertive, active, and intelligent dog. Its mighty look and vigorous nature make it a perfect choice for guarding fences and leading hunt parties. To give the dog a more influential look, owners prefer ear cropping, which, for some people, is cruel. Cropping Cane Corso’s ear is common. … Read more

Help! Are Cane Corsos Aggressive? How Do I Prevent This?

If the thought of bringing home a Cane Corso has crossed your mind, you may have also wondered about its level of aggression. It is normal to have this question in your mind, given that this canine is widely popular for its protective and intimidating nature. However, you do not need to fret. Cane Corsos … Read more

Dog Drooling In Car: 6 Potential Reasons

Few things beat the excitement of road trips with your furry best friend. Whether it’s a 10-minute drive to the grocery or a trip cross-state to showcase the world to your pup – our canine companions are the best travel buddies. But sticky puddles of doggy drool on the seat and floor ruin these moments. … Read more

How Often Do You Walk Your Dog, And Is It Enough?

Being a pet owner, you must have been asked numerous times how often do you walk your dog. This question can be stressful, especially if your answer is not what they expected.  As a pet parent, you have numerous responsibilities, such as keeping your pup fed, taking it for visits to the vet, and showering … Read more

How To Make a Dog Poop Quickly?

Taking your dog for a stroll is sometimes rewarding and other times tedious. When your dog needs to go potty, excursions to the dog park might feel like an eternity. For some dogs, “doing their business” can take a long time. Housetraining puppies typically take longer than their more experienced canine companions when going to … Read more

Why Do Dogs Lick Furniture? Reasons Behind Excessive Licking

You are accustomed to your dog’s licking. Your furry friend always shows love and affection by licking your face whenever you come home after a long day; you feel overwhelmed by your pet’s response. You gave a gentle, friendly pat on its back to help the dog relax. We all know that licking is embedded … Read more

Can Dogs Cry?

If you’ve looked into your dog’s eyes while being punished after stepping on a thorn or watching you depart for the day, you know they may feel sad and show it. A new study reveals that reunited dogs can shed happy tears. But can dogs cry? Your adorable doggie may have dog sadness or anxiety, … Read more

Why Does My Dog Only Eat When I’m Around?

Dogs love to be surrounded by people and enjoy the attention of their favorite person. Their habit of being an active social butterfly becomes a matter of concern for the pet parents when their pets refuse to eat when someone is not around.  Many dogs lose their appetite when the atmosphere surrounding their feeding time … Read more