Can Dogs Drink Grape Juice?

Grape juice is flavorful and rich in vitamins A, B complex, C, and K, so no wonder it is a preferred drink by many. But can you share this delicious beverage with your furry friend too? While some drinks are safe for canines, the answer to the common question, “can dogs eat grape juice?” is … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Sun-Dried Tomatoes?

Sun-drying tomatoes involve exposing the fruits to air and direct sunlight until they are perfectly dry. This allows more concentration of the sugar content. Dogs can eat sun-dried tomatoes as they are a good source of nutrients such as dietary fiber, magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. However, you must be cautious when feeding your furry … Read more

Can Dogs with Pancreatitis Eat Carrots?

Creating a diet for dogs with special needs can be difficult. You have to find out what they can eat and what they can’t and create a new diet based on this. One of the foods you might be concerned about is carrots. Can dogs with pancreatitis eat carrots? The answer is yes. Although dogs … Read more

My Dog Ate Gum. Should I be Worried?

Dogs will eat anything that smells even mildly sweet to them if they find it lying around. Sometimes, however, the things they find might not be healthy for them and can cause medical issues. Is that the case with gum? Should you worry if your dog eats gum? Let’s see! Can Dogs Eat Gum? Despite … Read more