Cute Dog Breeds – All Sizes, Shapes and Colors

Cute Dog Breeds

Every dog owner thinks that their pup is the cutest one in the world, right? With all those adorable dogs out there it is absolutely impossible to pick the favorite and the cutest breed of them all, but still, some dog breeds are just so irresistibly cute that you simply can’t help smiling when you see one of them, and bending down to give them a huge hug and scratch behind the ear.

Cute dogs come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and types. Here is our ultimate top list of the cutest dogs in the world.


These pups of German origin have mischievous cute faces and personalities. The name of the breed comes from the German word “affen” which means monkey.

They were developed and bred as rat and rodent chasers, and are alert and brave little dogs, which can be a bit stubborn as well.

The Affenpinschers have highly recognizable underbites and mustaches which give them a very distinctive and let’s admit it – cute look.

These small-sized dogs are affectionate and develop a close bond with their humans, so you can expect your Affenpinscher to always want to please you, be close to you and make you smile.

You will have a lot of fun with a dog from this breed and can be sure that you will be having a lot of conversations with people when you walk this cute pup because everyone will want to know more about your sweet and friendly little pal.

Afghan Hound

Yes, Affies are incredibly elegant and gracious dogs, but their dunny faces and their clownish character also make them one of the most loveable, fun, and cute dogs to be around.

Afghan Hounds are one of the oldest canine breeds and are typically one-person dogs, but they are very friendly and polite with other people and dogs as well.

Overall, the dogs from this breed are amazingly loyal, loving, and charming companions to have around you.

They have gorgeous long and silky coats, lovely curled tails, and faces that resemble one of the most memorable fictional characters from the 1980s TV series – the ever-hungry but always funny alien – Alf.

American Foxhound

These lively frolicking small sized dogs have tails that are wagging happily all the time and are one of the friendliest dogs in the world.

American Foxhounds get along with adults, children, dogs, cats, and other pets perfectly.

They are very fast and energetic dogs that will need quite a lot of walks, playtime, and exercise, in order to stay out of trouble and engage in destructive behavior which can be prompted when they are bored.

A cute American Foxhound is the perfect dog to have if you love spending time outdoors, hiking, walking and playing sports, or engaging in other games and activities.

American Eskimo Dog

With cute faces that are always smiling and white sparkling coats, American Eskimo Dogs are definitely among the cutest breeds. The Eskies can be standard, miniature and toy sizes, but no matter which size you pick, you can be sure that people from everywhere will want to know more and to cuddle your lovely little new friend.

These pups are friendly and smart and have eye-catching lion-like ruffs which perfectly complement their dark and smart black eyes and smiling little faces.

Eskies are eager to please and learn, so if you have the time to properly socialize and train your dog from this breed, it will be happy to make you laugh and smile by showing you and your friends all the tricks it has learned.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Unfortunately, Am Staffs have a bad reputation and many people wrongly believe that the dogs from this breed are aggressive and ferocious animals. The truth is though, that when they are bred responsibly and trained and socialized patiently and properly they are amazingly loving and loyal companions.

American Staffordshire Terriers are actually very sweet and good-natured dogs, which will love playing with your children and socializing with you. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if your cute Am Staff decides to take a nap on your lap from time to time.

So, if you know how to train a dog of this size and strength, you will end up with an absolutely brilliant companion with a great personality, absolute loyalty, and courage.

Australian Terrier

Australian Terriers are one of the smallest terrier breeds, and even though they have a slightly shaggy look, they are absolutely irresistible and you won’t be able to stop cuddling your small furball with those cute and alert little sparkling eyes on the long head.

These pups from Down Under are highly energetic and sturdy dogs, which will love playing with you and with your children and spending hours outdoors exploring the world.

Keep in mind that they have strong chasing instincts so make sure that you keep your Aussie Terrier behind a fence or on a leash to prevent it from running off.

Otherwise, with this tiny dog that loves jumping and running, you and your family can have a lot of fun outdoors. Plus, you can teach your Australian Terrier some fun tricks which will capture the attention of just about anyone who meets you and your small-sized cute companion.

Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is another cute dog breed originating from Australia. The dogs from this breed are the perfect combination between brains and looks. They were originally tough ranch dogs and will herd anything and anyone.

You will need to spend a lot of time outdoors with your cute Aussie pet if you want to keep it physically and mentally entertained and trained.

So, a dog from this adorable tri-colored breed is the perfect companion for those of you who prefer to lead more active lifestyles and who are ready to spend a lot of time walking, playing and enjoying your free time outdoors with your pup.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds look like no other dog breed with their long hanging ears and droopy-looking eyes and skin. The dogs from this breed are among the cutest ones thanks to their overly large but short legs and long bodies and comical gaits.

Bassets were originally bred as hare hunters and are believed to have the second strongest sense of scent after their cousins – the Bloodhounds. They are also one of the most stubborn dog breeds, but this adorable stubbornness actually makes them even more charming and cute.

They are patient, loving and very easy-going pups who will quickly become the most loved and preferred companions to spend time with both indoors and outside.


The Basenji is one of the strangest and most unique dog breeds in the world. These dogs do not bark, and they groom themselves like cats.

The Basenji is the perfect dog to add to your household if you want a cat-like dog and a cute and loving little new friend.

Basenjis do make strange sounds instead of barking like other dogs and will spend hours making sure they are properly groomed, but they are also very energetic canines that will remind you of tiny little horses when they go outdoors for a nice run.

Bearded Collie

Beardies are absolutely adorable large-sized and shaggy-looking dogs. They love spending time outdoors, no matter the weather, and are one of the friendliest dog breeds ever.

They have double coats and absolutely unique beards which make them one of the cutest large dogs out there.

They are very good-natured and can get along with all family members, including the kids and other dogs in your home.

They have herding instincts and need to be kept entertained and active – both physically and mentally, so the Bearded Collies are suitable pets for families who prefer spending their time outdoors, and who have the time and the energy to walk and play with their pets.


Did you know that everybody’s favorite animated dog Snoopy is a Beagle? No wonder this breed has made it into our list of the cutest dog breeds!

What makes Beagles one of the most adorable and sweetest of all breeds is the fact that they retain their puppy-like looks even as they age. So, with a Beagle at home, you will feel like you have a sweet little puppy all of the time.

These dogs have adorable little faces and expressive large eyes. They are happy little dogs that are natural hunters and will always be enjoying following trails and exploring new areas when you go out hiking, walking or spending time with them outdoors.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These huggable and soft gentle giants are one of the strongest arguments we have when we claim that not only small-sized dogs are cute.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a strong but very good-natured dog breed that was developed and is still used as a helper in the Alps and in the mountains.

These tri-colored dogs are large-sized but very friendly, patient, and won’t mind if you feel the sudden urge to hug them and kiss them – no matter where you happen to be.

Bichon Frise

These fluff balls are without a doubt among the top 3 cutest dog breeds! They are white little puff-like dogs with adorable little faces, black eyes and black nose, like buttons on a plush toy.

These small-sized pups are very fluffy and soft and yet are considered hypoallergenic dogs because they shed very little.

They love learning new tricks and are eager to please their favorite humans, so you should be ready for a lot of showtime and fun with a dog from this breed.

They do have watchdog instincts and are wary of strangers, but overall they are friendly and loving pups who will love spending time with all family members.

Boston Terrier

These cute and dandy little American Gentlemen dogs are another breed that has earned a top spot in this list of the cutest canines. The Boston Terriers are smart and fun small dogs with big personalities.

Their adorable tuxedo-like patterns and coloring make them look like smart little gentlemen. They are energetic, sturdy and loving little dogs that are perfect for living in urban settings as well as in the country. They love performing tricks and are quite portable pups, so you can take them everywhere with you.

The versatile Boston Terrier can become the perfect amusing and loyal companion for any kind of family or owner.


Nobody can resist the amazingly cute look of the Boxer. These playful and energetic bouncing dogs are great-looking, intelligent and affectionate animals. They are patient with people and very playful dogs, but beware that their high energy can make them unsuitable companions for very young children.

Boxers are elegant, muscular and with beautiful short coats. When properly trained and socialized, Boxers will become the perfect, faithful, loving and fun pet for just about anybody and any type of household.

Brussels Griffon

The look of the Brussels Griffon is the closest you will see from a dog when it comes to human-like expressions. These small and shabby-looking pups are friendly with all people – young and old, as well as with other dogs, cats and other pets.

They are versatile dogs that reach a weight of a maximum of 12 lbs. and come in beige, red, black and black and tan colors, as well as in short and rough-coated variants.

These bearded dogs have absolutely unique personalities which will keep you entertained at all times if you decide to add one of these small-sized cute fellows to your family.

Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terriers have wide heads, long bodies and cute little short legs. They are little and energetic earth dogs that were first bred in Scotland as fox and other small animal diggers and chasers.

The Cairn Terrier looks a little shaggy, which is part of its overall charm. The dogs from this small-sized Terrier breed are known to be loyal and loving pals and can be cuddly little lap dogs, as well as energetic companions for jogging, cycling, hiking and all other outdoor activities as well.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavaliers are one very special breed. These dogs are absolutely gorgeous looking and still have the high energy and athleticism which are so typical for all Spaniel breeds.

With a regal-like look and walk, your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will attract all of the attention wherever you go.

Still, the dogs from this breed don’t want to spend all day and night long sitting on silk cushions. When outside, the Cavaliers will simply love chasing squirrels, running along with other pups or with you, and having fun with their favorite humans.

They are excellent with children and with other dogs, and can easily adapt to all kinds of lifestyles – no matter whether you are an indoors person, or if you rather prefer spending most of your time outdoors.


The Cockapoo is one of the most popular designer breeds. It is the perfect combination between the intelligent and beautiful Poodle and the energetic and gorgeous Cocker Spaniel.

Cockapoos are absolutely adorable dogs, which will always be beside you no matter what. These dogs are very loyal, smart and loving and will adapt easily to all kinds of families and households no matter whether you are young or old, have children or not, or whether you already have a few other pets.

Cocker Spaniel

Just like Tramp is absolutely smitten and loves the gorgeous Lady from Disney’s “Lady and the Tramp”, everybody will love your Cocker Spaniel.

These beautiful and graceful dogs will enjoy walking and playing with you outdoors, and after that curling up and snuggling next to you on the couch or in bed.

They are smart and loving little companions which have silky long hair and do need quite a lot of grooming. But if you choose to clip your Cocker Spaniel’s coat instead, you will have a puppy-like dog which is also amazingly cute as well.

With their puppy-like looks, their expressive eyes and their brilliant soft coats, Cocker spaniels are definitely one of the dog breeds which you will have difficulty resisting when it comes to cuddling and petting.


Dachshunds are absolute superstars when it comes to small cute dog breeds. Their highly recognizable silhouettes, along with their wobbly and comic walks make them stand out from any other dog breed and type.

These Weiner dogs come in different sizes, colors and with different coat types. There are standard and miniature dachshunds, as well as smooth, long-haired or wire-haired ones, and as for the coloring – there are brown, black and black and tan dogs from this breed as well.

These small dogs are actually very determined and fearless hunters and will be perfect watchdogs and companions for you and for your entire family.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are another obvious choice when listing the cutest canine breeds ever. These small and adorable pups, with bat-shaped ears on top of their square heads and expressive eyes will win you over completely and forever.

The Frenchies are known to be very alert, affectionate and quite smart dogs, which can adapt easily to all types of families and homes.

Dogs from this breed are one of the top preferred pets for families who live in urban settings because French Bulldogs will feel perfect wherever their families choose to live – be it in a busy city, or in the countryside.

Frenchies get along with children and other dogs and will keep everybody at home and outdoors entertained every day.

Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers have been in the top 3 most popular dog breeds in the US for the past 10 and more years, and it comes to no surprise that they are also one of the top cutest dog breeds in the world too. Golden and Labrador retrievers are absolutely gorgeous dogs that are perfect family dogs, companions, as well as service, guide, and therapy dogs.

Goldens are loving and kind animals which simply love spending as much time with their families as possible.

The dogs from this popular breed are very easy to train and are always eager to please, so even first-time owners won’t have problems with a Golden retriever. As soon as you set your eyes on that small soft and amazingly cute Golden retriever puppy of yours, you will fall in love with your dog forever!

Great Dane

Even though Great Danes are one of the tallest and largest dog breeds, the dogs from this German breed are also pretty cute as well. Even though can reach a height of up to 3 ft. at the shoulder, Golden Danes often act like they are small-sized dogs which makes them even cuter.

Great Danes are very regal-like and elegant creatures that are also very patient and good with children and thus are often referred to as “gentle giants”.

Even though they are sweet-natured and can often act like small dogs, these large-sized dogs are also perfect watchdogs.

Keep in mind, that these dogs are very large, so you need to have some experience with socializing and training dogs of this size before you consider adopting a Great Dane. Also, you will need to have the physical strength to hold your Great Dane on a leash, so take that into consideration as well.

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The small and sturdy Havanese is the only dog breed from Cuba, and these pups are becoming increasingly popular in the US and around the world thanks to their cheerful temperaments and overall cuteness.

These dogs are very social animals, so they will enjoy spending time with you, and with other people and animals.

You will love petting that soft silky coat of your Havanese pet, and you will appreciate the fact that the dogs from this breed are not loud and will not be annoying you and your neighbors with excessive barking, like some of the other smaller dog breeds.

They are easy to train and can become perfect companions to all kinds of owners and families.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is the most popular dog breed in America, according to the AKC, and it has held the first position in the dog popularity list for over two decades.

Labs are energetic extroverts who will love spending every second interacting with you, your family members, and other dogs and especially with children.

The dogs from this beloved breed are constantly happy and have kind and loving characters.

Keep in mind that Labs do require quite a lot of walking, playing and daily exercise, so get ready to start spending a lot more time outdoors having fun with your dog if decide to add a Labrador retriever to your family.


These small white puffs are most definitely among the top cutest of all dog breeds. Maltese are small-sized and incredibly adorable, but they are definitely not lap dogs. In fact, you can expect that your Maltese will want you to spend time playing with it and engaging it by teaching it new tricks or playing games.

Maltese dogs are prone to separation anxiety, so they are not suitable dogs for those of you who travel a lot.

Otherwise, they are loving little animals which will truly love you but will definitely expect that you love them back the same.

Norfolk Terrier

These cute earth dogs may be small and fuzzy pups, but they are definitely not lap dogs. Norfolk Terriers have very recognizable wiry coats and bright expressive eyes and are the epitome of the true terrier nature. They are energetic and sturdy little dogs that were bred to chase rats, and will still enjoy chasing small animals whenever they get the chance.

But as a whole, Norfolks are very loyal dogs that become strongly attached to their families and are not only perfect watchdogs and companions but are small-sized and thus easy to take with you wherever you decide to go.


Papillons have butterfly wing-shaped ears and are sweet and gentle little dogs. Even though they may look like the perfect dog breed if you want a lap dog, the Papillons are actually quite energetic and athletic, and will always be eager to learn new tricks and to perform them for you and for your friends.

The dogs from this breed are very often among the top performers in agility contests and are definitely one of the leaders when it comes to the cutest dog breeds as well.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Not only Queen Elizabeth II from England considers Corgis the cutest dog breed, but a growing number of Corgi fans around the world do too.

Once you set your eyes on one of these adorable small dogs you will join team Corgi too. These dogs have long bodies and exceptionally cute short but strong legs.

With their protruded ears and sweet faces, Corgis are instant charmers. They are pretty agile and fast animals, so you will need to provide your pet with the physical exercise and activity it needs to keep it happy and healthy.

In return, your Corgi will give you back all of the love, and at the same time will keep your home and family safe thanks to its deep bark and excellent watchdog skills.


Poms are among the most recognizable purse dogs, and you have probably noticed dogs from this toy-sized breed on the red carpet in the arms of numerous world-famous celebrities too.

These tiny dogs often act like large dogs and can be pretty active. But given their tiny size, don’t expect to have to spend hours walking or hiking with your Pomeranian.

These tiny fluffy pups are an excellent choice if you live in a small apartment or in the middle of a busy city because you can provide them with the playtime they require easily both outdoors and inside.

With their cute foxlike faces and happy little eyes, Poms are most definitely one of the most adorable toy dog breeds out there.


Pugs are the epitome of cuteness. These comic little dogs will always make everybody smile. They are compact but strong little fellows with almost human-like facial features on those large round squished heads of theirs.

The dogs from this unique breed are always happy and are always willing to give all of their love to their humans, especially when they receive the same amount of love back from them.

Pugs are naturally curious and get along with children well. Their facial expressions will bring a smile back to your face when you are down or tired, and their happy temperament will make you a happier person as well.

Portuguese Water Dog

The most popular dog from this breed is no doubt President Obama’s dog, Bo. The Portuguese Water Dog is a unique breed that has been bred for moving and swimming in the water, which is evident by its webbed paws.

These dogs are highly intelligent, eager to learn easy to train, and will do anything to please their humans.

The dogs from this adorable breed are all curly, soft and furry, but don’t worry about getting hairs all over your home, because the Portuguese Water Dog is a low shedding, hypoallergenic breed.

If you are planning on adding a Portuguese Water Dog to your household, make sure that you have a suitable place nearby where your pup will enjoy what it loves the most – swimming and playing in the water.

Saint Bernard

Everybody remembers the amazingly cute Beethoven from the movie of the same name, right? St. Bernards are among the largest dog breeds, but they are bred to help and save people in the mountains, so as you can expect they love humans are willing to do everything for them.

Even though the dogs from this giant breed can reach a weight of about 260 lbs. you can still expect them to be the perfect snuggle companions, and to want to share the couch with you.

Saint Bernards are huggable and loving giants, but please consider just how large a dog from this breed can get before adopting one, if you live in a tight space, because the dogs from this breed will require quite a bit of space to live comfortably.

Scottish Terrier

Scotties are another highly recognizable terrier breed and are definitely one of our favorite cute dog breeds. They have shaggy back coats and long adorable beards.

Scottish Terriers like most other terriers are fearless and very confident dogs, which can be quite mischievous at times. but their natural mischief is yet another reason why we consider Scotties one of the cutest breeds out there.

They too shed very little, so you won’t end up with hairs everywhere around your home, and can also adopt a Scottie even if you or someone else at home has a dog allergy too.

Shetland Sheepdog

With the looks of miniature Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs are definitely another one of the cutest dogs we know.

Like the Collies, the Shetland Sheepdogs too are highly intelligent animals. They are very easy to train and are obedient and quick dogs, which are often the winners in different dog sports, agility, herding or obedience contests.

They love their families but are wary of strangers and can bark quite a bit when potential danger is detected.

These dogs were bred to scare away birds from gardens as well as for herding sheep, so you will need to train your Sheltie from an early age to curb its natural chasing and barking instincts before it turns into a nuisance for you and for your neighbors.

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Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a cute Japanese breed that has become increasingly popular due to the fact that these dogs rarely bark and most importantly – they look like tiny adorable Akitas.

The Shiba Inu has the typical triangular eyes like the Akita, as well as fox-colored coats which make them absolutely irresistible to petting and hugging.

Even though Shiba Inus are quiet pups and won’t bark too often, you should be prepared to your dog wanting to talk to you with a cute howling little voice from time to time.

This is yet another feature that makes these Japanese dogs such a cute dog breed.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Soft Coated Wheaten is yet another terrier dog breed that has made it into our list. These dogs have shaggy and scruffy coats, perky ears and bright almond-shaped little eyes.

The best feature which you will love about the Soft Coated Wheaten terriers is the fact that they retain their small puppy-like looks throughout their lives, which is yet another reason why we have added them to our cutest dog list.

These terriers are perfect family dogs because they love their humans and also love to play. The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier does require daily walks and playtime or other exercises, so make sure you are ready to tend to your dog’s need no matter whether it is shining or pouring outdoors if you add a dog from this breed to your family.

West Highland White Terrier

Westies are among the cutest of all terrier breeds. These small but sturdy earth dogs have cute black noses and eyes which look just like buttons on their white fluffy bodies.

Westies are very loyal companions and are energetic dogs that will adore playing with you and with your children.

The dogs from this cute breed get along with adults, children as well as with other pets without any problems, so if you already have a large family of humans and animals, a West Highland Terrier is definitely a pup you should consider adopting.

Yorkshire Terrier

Our last pick for the cutest dog breed is the undeniably adorable Yorkshire Terrier.

They may be tiny-sized dogs, by Yorkies are brave, quite energetic and curious little animals that can also be pretty protective as well.

The dogs from this breed have silky and smooth almost human-like hair, which can grow to the floor. If you decide to clip the coat of your Yorkshire terrier, you will end up with a dog that looks just like a young puppy.

Yorkies have large eyes and button-like noses and are among the most popular breeds due to their portability, small size and the fact that they are low shedding and hypoallergenic.

Final words

As you can see when it comes to cute dog breeds it is clear that it can come in every form, shape, size, coat type and character.

There has been recently published scientific evidence claiming that we have it in our genes to go into immediate “aww” mode when we see a small human baby or a small canine baby, so it comes to no surprise that most people simply can’t resist the cuteness of puppies and dogs.

Of course, there is no clear and universal definition of cuteness, so everybody has an opinion on this matter.

Naturally, every dog parent thinks that their dog is the cutest puppy ever. So if you have dogs yourself you know how difficult it is to be truly objective when the question is whether your dog is the prettiest, cutest, sweetest and smartest dog of them all.

Still, we have tried to compile a list of all types of breeds for all types of dog lovers. Our list has breeds that are suitable for people who simply love large dogs but it also includes medium,  miniature and small-sized pups as well.

Overall there is no clear-cut answer to the question of which dog breed is the cutest of them all. whether you have a contest wedding show dog or a mutt from a local shelter your dog will always be the cutest of them all to you and this is really what matters right?