8 Best Dog Crates of 2022

A well-built and comfortable dog crate, like our top pick for 2022 – Mr.Herzher’s Original Wicker pet residence is an excellent piece of furniture and pet product to have, no matter whether you need it for training, for housing, or for traveling.

We have carefully reviewed 8 dog crates being sold right now and have come up with a list of the favorite dog crates for 2022 for you to choose from.

MidWest iCrate Double Door Fold & Carry Dog Crate


  • With an easy fold and carry design
  • Easy assembly without the need for tools
  • It has two doors for easy access from the front or from the side, which makes it easy to accommodate different rooms and vehicles
  • A sturdy composite pan on the bottom will protect your flooring and is very easy to clean
  • The crate has two comfortable plastic carry handles for easy portability
  • The doors have secure slide-bolt latches to keep your pet safely inside whenever necessary
  • It is sold with a divider panel which you can use to expand the crate as your puppy is growing
  • It comes in various sizes: 18, 22, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches
  • There are sizes suitable for comfortably accommodating dogs as small as less than 10 lbs. up to dogs weighing up to 110 lbs.
  • It is sold with a 1-year limited warranty

MidWest LifeStages Double Door Dog Crate


  • You can use this crate for life – from early puppyhood and as your dog grows and matures
  • The crate has a nifty double door design making it easy to fit in different settings, rooms, and vehicles
  • The crate folds up easily for easy transportation or storage
  • It has safety features such as rounded corners and secure slide-bolt latches to keep you, your pet, and your furniture safe
  • A divider panel is included and can be used to customize the size of the crate as the puppy grows
  • Convenient and durable ABS plastic handles allow for easy portability of the crate
  • It has an easy to clean composite panel on the bottom to keep the floors safe from spills or accidents
  • The crate is available in sizes 22, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches, so there is a crate for all dogs weighing from 2lbs up to 110 lbs.

Merry Products 2-in-1 Configurable Dog & Cat Crate & Gate

As our top pick for the perfect dog crate for 2022, the Merry Products 2-in-1 configurable pet crate is an elegant piece of furniture that will add beauty to your home. It is also an excellent way to provide your beloved pet with a safe and comfortable space to rest and lounge. But best of all it is a multifunctional dog crate that can easily be transformed into a dog gate when you need it.

Thanks to its versatile design, you can use this dog crate both to keep your dog safely enclosed when in crate mode, as well as an adjustable dog gate to close off rooms, doors, hallways, and open areas.

The stylish design of this crate, with its beautiful wood veneer cover, can be used as a tabletop space as when it is used as a crate.

When you need a temporary dog gate, you just need to unfold the crate and set it up depending on the size of the opening or area you want to restrict access to.

This transformation from a crate to a dog gate is easy and doesn’t require any tools, all you need to do is slide the panels together when you want to use it as a kennel, and set it up as a four-panel dog gate via the small pins. You can remove one or more panels if you need to use the gate in tighter areas as well.

The crate has a removable plastic tray that is easy to clean and will catch any spills and protect your flooring.

The Merry Products 2-in-1 crate and gate for dogs come in two sizes – medium and large.

The large size is 124.5 x 31.2 inches when expanded as a gate, and is 27.91 x 39.8 x 31.5 inches on the outside when used as a kennel with an interior of 25.32 x 35.94 x 31.14 inches.

The medium-sized version is 100 x 22.8 inches when used as a dog gate, and is 22.35 x 32.48 x 23.35 inches on the outside when in kennel mode, and with a crate interior of 19.09 x 29.53 x 22.83 inches.

This is a dog or cat product that can easily be transformed from a gate to a crate, so it will help you save money and space from buying and owning both. Also, it is so beautiful, that it will easily blend into any décor, unlike some of the simpler and more unsightly crates on the market.

Pet Gear Generation II Soft Crate


  • This pup cave is extremely comfortable and suitable for traveling and for camping as well as for home use
  • Made of a durable steel frame that can be folded down with a single press of a button
  • Bedded with a waterproof mat as well as a soft fleece pad for added cushioning and comfort – both of which are removable and washable
  • The sturdy nylon cover is machine washable
  • The soft crate has three doors that provide easy and comfortable access and which can be zip-locked or kept open depending on your needs
  • It has two storage pouches to keep essential stuff nearby
  • When folded it takes up very little space for easy storage as well as for traveling
  • The soft dog crate is available in 4 sizes – extra small, small, medium, and large
  • You can choose a crate suitable for dogs less than 15 lbs. and dogs up to 90 lbs.

MidWest Canine Camper Sportable Tent Dog Crate


  • Excellent for those of you who enjoy traveling and camping with your dog
  • Constructed with a sturdy steel foldable frame that is easy to set up and fold
  • A U-shaped wire to keep the sporting dog crate stable
  • Sheepskin padding for cozy comfort
  • A zippered mesh door to keep the door closed when needed
  • Made of water-resistant material to keep your pup dry even if it is raining outside
  • Double mesh windows for added comfort and sufficient ventilation
  • Available in 4 different size options
  • The 24-inch size is for pets weighing 11-14lbs. and is 24 x 17.5 x 20.5 inches
  • The 30-inch size is for pets weighing 26-40lbs. and is 30 x 21.75 x 24 inches
  • The 36-inch size is for pets weighing 41-71lbs. and is 42 x 26 x 32 inches
  • The tent is hand washable
  • It is sold with a 1-year warranty

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Mr. Herzher’s Original Wicker Pet Residence, Dark Brown

The finest dog crate for 2022 is a beautifully designed and comfortable dog crate by Mr.Herzher’s. The Original Wicker Pet Residence is a crate that will not interfere but rather will complement the design of your home. It is the perfect gift to present to your four-legged friend, as it provides a natural den and resting place where your dog will feel protected, safe, and comfy at all times.

Thanks to the Rhino Wicker material used for the floor of the top-rated crate for 2022, you will easily be able to clean it, and it won’t absorb any spilled water, or odors. In fact, you can sanitize it with water and soap safely and quickly.

The door latch is spring-loaded which allows for easy latching of the door of the dog crate, as well as swinging inside and latching to the inside of the crate and stay out of the way, depending on whether you prefer to keep the crate open or closed.

Thanks to the flow-through design, your dog will get sufficient ventilation and airflow and will become your pup’s favorite spot to rest or sleep.

The flooring is fitted with a removable double tough pan which will capture all spills and will protect the flooring of your home. It can easily be removed for sanitizing and cleaning.

The premium quality dog crate is very easy to assemble, and once you are done setting it up you will have a steady, rattle-free piece of furniture. Plus it comes with non-slip protective feet to keep the crate above the cold floor.

This stylish dog crate comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes, the extra-large one with dimensions of 42 x 31 x 28 inches and is suitable for large dog breeds with a shoulder height of up to 27 inches, and the smallest one is 24 x 21 x 18 inches, suitable for toy-sized and small breeds with a height at the shoulder of up to 12 inches.

The medium-sized crate is 30 x 24 x 21 inches and can comfortably fit medium-sized dogs which are up to 17 inches tall at the shoulder, and the large dog crate from this series is 36 x 27 x 24 inches and is suitable for medium to large dogs with a shoulder height of up to 22 inches.

Overall, this is one of the most elegant, easy to clean, and comfortable dog crates we have seen in years, and any dog will be happy to have hidden and resting places like this at home.

Best of all, it comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured that your investment is very well made if you decide to buy a Mr.Herzher’s Original Wicker Pet Residence for your dog.

Frisco Fold & Carry Single Door Dog Crate



If you want a simple dog crate that you can fold up when not in use, and which you can easily transport, then we suggest that you consider purchasing our top budget-friendly option for dog crates for 2022 – the Frisco Fold& Carry Single Door Crate.

It is sold at a very reasonable price but still features a strong and durable construction that will withstand a lot of wear and tear. This inexpensive dog crate will also provide your dog with the comfort, security, and safety every dog needs.

The single door is large for easy entry and is easy to open, close, or lock securely thanks to the dual latches.

It has a plastic pan base that will collect any spills and protect your flooring, as well as which is easy to clean up and sanitize.

The crate is sold with a nifty divider panel which you can use to gradually expand the size of the crate as your puppy grows up.

The assembly of this budget-friendly dog crate is straightforward and doesn’t require the use of tools.

You can also easily collapse and fold it up for easy storage or use the adjustable handles to carry it from one room to another or transport it with you when traveling with your dog.

The sturdy dog crate wires have a protective electro-coat finish which will ensure that it lasts for long.

This affordable dog crate is available in 7 different sizes, starting from 18 inches suitable for pets weighing up to 6 lbs. and ending with the 48 version which can comfortably fit dogs weighing up to 110 lbs. Make sure you measure your dog properly before ordering the appropriate size. The tips by Frisco are to measure your dog while it standing from its nose to the point of its tail, then measure it from head to toe when it is sitting, and add 4 inches to your measurements, to determine the most suitable size for your dog.

Frisco Fold & Carry Double Door Dog Crate



  • Made of a sturdy metal coated with a black electro-coat finish for added durability
  • It has two large doors on the back and on the front
  • The doors are easy to open, close, or keep locked via the dual latches provided
  • It has a plastic pan that will protect your flooring and is easy to keep clean and sanitary
  • An included divider panel can be used to expand the crate as the dog grows
  • Assembly is very easy, no tools are required
  • The crate is collapsible for easy storage when not in use, as well as for easy portability and transport
  • It has adjustable handles so you can carry it easily
  • It is available in sizes: 22, 24, 30, 36, 42, and 48 inches so you can choose a crate that will be comfortable for dogs weighing from less than 12 lbs. and up to 110 lbs.

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Safety tips and precautions for using dog crates

In order to make sure that you take advantage of all of the benefits which a good quality dog crate provides for both you and your dog, there are several safety tips and precautions to keep in mind, if you want to turn the crate into your dog’s favorite safe place for lounging rather than a place it loathes.

  1. Choose a dog crate that is properly sized for your dog, and allows it to stand, sit and move around freely
  2. Be aware that confining a dog in a crate should be only for a limited time period. Never leave your dog in the crate all day, or longer than it can hold its bladder. If you need to leave the dog crated while you are gone, ensure that there is a pet sitter who will provide your dog with regular potty breaks and play breaks too
  3. Place the crate in a location that is protected from outdoor weather elements or from extreme temperatures – hot or cold. The right place to keep the crate is in a temperature protected room or area in your home
  4. Always remember to remove collars and harnesses off of the dog when you leave it in a kennel in order to reduce the risk of the collar getting stuck to the metal furnishing. Or use breakaway collars to ensure the safety of your dog
  5. Forbid children as well as adults to bother the dog while it is inside the crate. It is intended to be a safe and peaceful spot where the pet can enjoy some relaxation time rather than having to be taunted by children
  6. Do not leave your dog in a crate (or not) in your car unsupervised, because dogs are susceptible to heatstroke, and can also become victims of harassment or theft if left unattended
  7. Make sure your dog has proper and comfortable bedding inside the crate, and use dog beds or pads to protect your dog from choking hazards
  8. Teach your pup or dog to stay in the crate by timing its stay and gradually increasing the time as it gets used to staying inside calmly, and always supervise the dog until it gets used to staying in its crate
  9. If your dog suffers from separation anxiety do not use a crate unless it has undergone professional training to curb this issue
  10. Make sure you exercise your dog and play with it before crating it because it will rest more calmly and feel happier in its crate if it is tired

Final Words

When used properly, a good quality dog crate is a great secure place where your dog will feel safe and relaxed, as well as away from trouble when you are out.

We hope that we have helped you pick the best dog crate for your dog and that you will take all of the necessary precautions when crating your pup so that both you and your four-legged friend are happy!

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